Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that do Extractions

Top 10 Dentist in Katy Texas that do Extractions

Whether it is the extraction of a wisdom tooth or it is the extraction of badly damaged or diseased tooth, one that is too badly damaged to be saved, it is important that you seek out the very best services as far as teeth extraction goes as per the gurus over at This not only ensures the best results and outcomes, it also shortens healing times and ensures that you experience minimal discomfort after the procedure. If you are looking for such services over at Katy Texas, then you are in the right place as this article will look to highlight 10 of the very best dentists in the area who do extractions.

Vita Dental

They are without doubt the best Katy Texas has to offer as far as dental practices in the area are concerned. The dentists and dental specialists here are highly knowledgeable and skilled, not to mention experienced and as such are able to handle all sorts of extractions from complex ones to simple ones, including extractions of wisdom teeth. As is covered in detail over at, they have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment which helps in ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients with their knowledge of sedation dentistry ensuring one is comfortable and pain-free during their procedure.

Katy Periodontology & Oral Surgery

They are yet another option worth considering when looking for a dentist in Katy Texas who does extractions. Their dentists and oral surgeons are highly knowledgeable and experienced, not mention very personable and patient and will take their time to talk you through your process, answer any question you may have and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. whether your extraction is a simple one or more complex, they will have you covered.

Highlands Dental Group

The services here as far as extractions go are very comprehensive and of the highest quality. Their highly qualified dentist and oral surgeons are very thorough, and from the initial tests and exams, including the taking of dental X-rays to the issuing of after-care instructions at the end, everything is done at a very high standard. Just as is the case over at, the environment here is also very peaceful and is designed to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and you will definitely have a very positive experience as far as your extraction goes.

Memorial Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Katy Fulshear

They are yet another excellent option to consider when looking for a dentist in Katy Texas who does extractions. Their oral surgeons have got the expertise and experience to handle extractions in patients of all ages, including in children and are very kind and friendly, and will definitely ease your worries in what is sure to be a very testing time for you. They also have all angles covered as far as sedation dentistry goes, as is also the case over at the excellent, which will ensure that your extraction is comfortable and pain-free.

Morton Ranch Dental

The dentists and dental specialists here are very polite and patient, not to mention highly skilled, and will take their time to talk you through your extraction both before and during the procedure. They also leverage the very latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best outcomes as well as ensure that you will have little to no discomfort afterwards. The atmosphere here, as is the case over at is also very peaceful and calm and will definitely help put you at ease and relax you through your procedure.

Katy Center for Oral & Facial Surgery

They have some of the best oral surgeons around, who have got the expertise to handle any sort of extraction, from simple ones to more complex ones as well as the extraction of wisdom teeth. Just like the highly rated specialists over at, they take time to earn your trust and ensure that you are at ease and comfortable with your extraction. They also have mastered the art of sedation dentistry and as such you can be sure that your procedure will be painless.

Harrison and Bethke Dentistry

The staff, dentists and oral surgeons at this clinic are so friendly and will definitely make you feel at ease and at home. Their dentists and oral surgeons are very knowledgeable and will walk you through your extraction and make sure you know exactly what to expect. As is the case for the gurus over at, they are also very personable and will keep you entertained with stories through your visit. With sedation dentistry, then they will also ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your stay.

Walk-In Dental Clinic of Katy

From tooth extractions, both simple and complex, to wisdom teeth extractions, they have all angles covered with their highly knowledgeable and experienced dentists and oral surgeons. The fact that they are walk-in friendly is yet another reason why they are so highly rated and as such you can walk in for an emergency extraction without an appointment. They are also opened on weekends which is yet another reason behind their popularity. As is also the case over at, they also accept most dental insurance covers as well as most credit cards.

The Dental People

Just like over at the highly rated, they will first do all they can to try and save your tooth or teeth, and will only resort to an extraction as a last resort. Once an extraction is deemed necessary though, their services are top-class from the initial exams and dental X-rays, to the extraction which is conducted with the help of sedation dentistry to ensure a pain-free experience and finally to the after-care instructions. They are such a pleasure to deal with and you will definitely enjoy your visit with them, something you probably won’t have expected for a tooth extraction.

Wiggins L. Raymond, MD, DDS – Texas Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. Wiggins is one of the very best oral surgeons in Katy Texas, and he is one worth considering going to for an extraction. He has the expertise to handle patients of all ages from kids to extractions, and he is such a good communicator, which really coms in handy when it comes time to issue post-op or after-care instructions. He is definitely worth considering when looking for such services in Katy Texas.

It is our hope that this article will be of great help as you look for a top dentist in Katy Texas who does extractions, keeping in mind that the highly rated is the best option of them all for such services.