Top 10 Dentist in Houston Texas that Treat Children

Top 10 Dentist in Houston Texas that Treat Children

Kids are fussy and naturally don’t particularly like to be in a new environment, which means that when choosing a dentist for your child, choose one who will be the right fit and who is one of the best, as those over at, and as such knows how to deal with children of all ages. If you are looking for a top dentist in Houston Texas, then you are in luck as this article will look to highlight the top 10 dentists in the area that treat children.

Vita Dental Houston

This is arguably the best dental practice in Houston Texas, and as such it comes as no surprise to learn that it has some of the best pediatric dentists around. They have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as other facilities as seen over at such as TVs, toys, video games and so forth, all of which are designed with the comfort of their young patients in mind. The dentists and staff are excellent with kids and children really respond to them and love interacting with them. They also accept most of the major dental insurance covers, and coupled with their flexible payment plans, services here are just as affordable as they are excellent.

Houston Pediatric Dental Specialists

Dr. Julie Longoria is without doubt one of the best pediatric dentists in Houston, and together with her staff they are definitely worth considering at her practice if you are looking for such services. She has tremendous passion for her work and you can tell she really loves what she does, and she is extremely caring and friendly, and will disarm your child and make them as comfortable as possible. She is without doubt worth checking out when looking for a dentist that treats children in Houston.

Natalie Harrison, DDS – Houston’s Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Harrison is yet another top-rated pediatric dentist in Houston Texas, and her track record speaks for itself. Her office offers comprehensive dental care to children of all ages from infants to adolescents, and as is the case over at, they always strive to put the patient and their comfort first. They will therefore take time to explain to the both the young patient in terms they can understand and in a friendly manner, as well as to the parent and caregiver exactly what the plan is to make sure everyone is as calm and comfortable as possible hence why they are so popular in the area.

Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group

The dentists here are definitely among the best pediatric dentists in Houston Texas, caring and very professional. The office is also very clean and neat and it is designed in such a way that makes children feel right at home, something that can also be said of the offices over at The pediatric dentists and staff are very patient and caring and will disarm even the most dramatic of children. If you have any questions, they are also always available to have them answered and it is an experience everyone involved, from the parent or caregiver to the child, will enjoy.

My Kid’s Dentist

Located in Clear Lake Houston Texas, it is yet another practice with awesome pediatric dentists. They aim to deliver high-quality pediatric dental care in an environment that is safe, warm and fun for children and they really make this happen. As is the case over at, they make use of modern dental equipment and techniques as well as child-friendly amenities such as smaller chairs, toys, video games, cartoons and so much more to ensure that your child not only gets the dental service they require, they have fun while doing so.

Evergreen Pediatric Dentist

This gem of a pediatric dental practice is located in Westchase, Houston Texas, and is yet another worth considering when looking for such services. The office is nice and clean, and designed with colors that kids find really appealing. The staff and dental practitioners here are also very professional and thorough in their work, not to mention extremely kind and caring in a way that children really like dealing with them. Just as is the case over at, they also accept most of the major dental insurance covers as well as most of the major credit cards as well, which helps with costs.

West U Pediatric Dentistry

This dental practice caters to children of all ages and needs from infants and children to adolescents as well as those with special needs, something they have in common with the highly rated They operate under the principal that every child is unique and as such design personalized treatment plans for all of their young patients. It is no wonder children love coming here as they feel like they are in an environment where they are loved and cared for.

Heights Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

As their name suggests, they are located in The Heights area of Houston, and they have some of the best pediatric dentists in the area. They are kind and personable and will definitely gain the trust of your child and build a long-term bond with them. The fact that they also have an orthodontist is very convenient as it means that all the dental needs of you child will be catered for in one roof, as is the case also over at the highly regarded

Pediatric Dental Safari

Located in Memorial, just off Gessner Road, they are yet another excellent option to consider when looking for such services. As is also the case over at, they are extremely efficient and you and your child won’t have to wait for long before you are attended to. The staff and dentists are also supper attentive and helpful, not to mention kind and caring, and kids really love being there.  They also have lots of stuff to keep children entertained all through the visit, and your child will definitely have a positive experience of this dental practice.

Dentini Pediatric Dentist

From their sparkling clean waiting room, which is also modern and child-friendly with lots of interesting stuff to keep kids entertained, to their professional and kind staff and pediatric dentists, what is not to like with this gem of a practice located in The Heights area of Houston? The dentists are so accommodating and patient and will handle even the fussiest of patients. They are definitely worth considering when looking for such services in Houston Texas.

It is important to note that the highly rated is the best option of them all when looking for a dentist in Houston Texas who treats children.