Toothache – Ignoring it Won’t Make it Go Away

Toothaches suck, don’t they? As if the pain is not unbearable enough, they are accompanied with swollen gums and cancelled plans. However much you try to ignore the pain, it just won’t away. A few pain killers might suppress the pain but it will come right back after a few hours. A few people try to toughen and try as much as they can to soldier on. This proves fruitless in the end and the pain only becomes worse by the minute. So, why can’t the pain just go away on its own? Before we delve into why the pain won’t go away on its own, let’s first look at how the toothaches develop;

How toothaches develop

Normally your teeth are protected with a thick layer of dental enamel which is one of the hardest substances in the human body. Your dental enamel is constantly under attack from the bacteria in your mouth that produce acid whenever you eat or drink something sugary or full of carbohydrates. Over time your enamel can become softer, allowing the bacteria to penetrate the interior part of the tooth.

The dentine layer lies directly underneath the tooth enamel and is much softer and more susceptible towards decay. Once the bacteria penetrate the tooth enamel and reach the dentine they will be able to eat away at this layer causing a cavity. The actual hole in your tooth might look quite small, but the cavity inside the tooth will gradually increase in size, and you might find that one day you bite down on that tooth and it simply crumbles away. Eventually the bacteria will penetrate to the pulp which contains all the nerves and blood vessels contained in teeth. The bacteria will feel on this pulp leaving a large cavity and exposing the nerves and blood vessels. This is why you feel the unbearable pain once your tooth is infected.

So, now that we know why your tooth keeps aching, the big question is why won’t the pain go away on its own? What is the best thing to do to curb toothaches? Here are reasons why the pain won’t go away on its own and why you should look to get help as soon as possible;

Exposed nerve become sensitive to temperature

The reason why the pain will simply not go away however much you try to ignore it is because the nerves become exposed. This makes them very sensitive to changes in temperature and any slight changes in the temperature of the surrounding or the food that you eat will trigger pain.

Cavities will ever feel themselves up

Once cavities develop, they will never fill themselves up again unless you get professional filling from your dentist. If anything, the cavities will be filled with food remnants which only make the situation worse. This means that the pain will always be part of your life as long as the cavities are wide open and the nerves are exposed to the elements.

Any acidic foods will trigger pain

If you try to ignore the toothache, you will have to bear with the pain that will be caused by acidic beverages and drinks such as coffee. The exposed nerves become very sensitive to changes in pH and will be quick to send pain signals to the brain once you drink anything acidic. This is why you need to seek quick medical help as soon as you start experiencing toothaches.

Toothaches are indicative of very many problems

The pain you experience when you are having a toothache is a message your body is trying to send that something is wrong. It could be decayed teeth, cracked teeth, excessive grinding of teeth or a gum infection. So long as the problem is not addressed, the pain will always persist and however much you try to ignore it, it will come back again and again.

You risk losing your entire tooth

If you don’t briskly act, you might end up losing your entire tooth. Just because you ignored the pain and tried to live through it, you might end up one or two teeth short. The bacteria that affects the teeth can spread all over and destroy the entire structure of your tooth.

If you are experiencing a toothache therefore, do not hesitate to report the same to your dentist before it is too late. Toothaches are not just for kids, they are absolutely normal and should be treated with seriousness. Don’t try to suppress your pain with painkillers and trying to sleep it off. Report your pain and toothaches to your dentist and get help before it is too late. The dentists know of the best mechanisms to use to treat the toothaches and will address the exact problem causing the pain and make the pain go away forever. Say no to pain, report the toothache to your Family dentist today! You can also consult with Fry Road Dentist Near you.