The Top 5 Best Dentist Offices in Houston for Dental Care

When looking for the best dentist to hire in Houston, you want dentists with massive experience, the right qualifications and have a good reputation. You want personable dentists who are friendly and caring enough to help you get through the whole orthodontic procedure. Right from the consultation to the dental procedure itself, they need to make you feel at home and comfortable.

Unfortunately for Houston, there are few dentists and orthodontists that can competently handle patients and deliver satisfactory service. We have reviewed the top 5 dentist offices in Houston Texas to help you get the right dentists. In our reviewing, we looked at a few factors. We considered the qualifications of the dentists, their experience, their facilities, the quality of their service and the cost at which they offer the service. Here are top 5 dentist offices in Houston Texas;

  1. Sunrise Dental Office


Recognised by the Texas Dental Association and the American Dental Association, Sunrise Dental provides dental care for the whole family. They offer a wide range of dental services and employ orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, ceramic braces, and traditional metal braces to help put a smile back on the locals of Houston. They have a great facility and you can expect them to provide quality services every single time of asking.

  1. Klein Family Dental


Very few dentists not just in Houston but America at large can match the level of professionalism that the team at Klein Family Dental shows in their daily work. The amazing family dental group has come up through the ranks in a few years and has become one of the most sought after dentists in Houston. They have a great record when it comes to putting smiles on the faces of Americans and dental braces their area of specialization. They thrives on providing dentistry services the Houston locals love. They have a great office space and equally well-equipped medical facility. They have a very welcoming customer service team and you will feel at home.

  1. Unique Dental Houston


Another prime location worth considering for dentistry services in Houston Texas, is the Unique Dental group. These guys have a passion for success and have managed to earn themselves quite a large client base in Houston. The dentists operating here are highly qualified and can handle general dentistry for the whole family. One thing that makes them stand out always is the high regard they have for hygiene. They have hired special hygienists to create and maintain a clean ambient environment for their clients. They have invested quite heavily on the facilities as well. They have up to date facilities and use the latest equipment in service delivery. Their service is recognized by the relevant orthodontic bodies in Houston and you can expect professionalism of the highest order from them. It is easy to see why we rank them highly among the best dental offices in Houston.

  1. ABC Dental Offices


The ABC dental group is one of the oldest and most prolific dental offices in the Houston area. With a large team of highly experienced and qualified dentists who work hand in hand with a great team of other medical practitioners, they have managed to remain relevant in this highly competitive industry. One of the main reasons these guys have managed to stay on top is the nature of amenities they have in their dental offices. The quality of their facility and medical equipment found here is unmatched. When you match that with the expertise of the dentists and friendly staff, you get a family favourite dental group that Houston loves and trusts. They are licensed to operate in the area and are recognized by the relevant board in America.

  1. Vita Dental Offices (editor’s choice)


Our pick and best choice for the best dental offices in Houston Texas, are the Vita Dental doctors. When you put all the factors into consideration in terms of dentistry, these are the most complete dental service providers in the whole of Texas. They have the best dental facilities you can find in the market and incorporate the latest technological trends in their treatment. Their dental office is strategically located and is equipped with the best amenities in the market. They have a good waiting area for clients to wait in line and the serenity of the place will guarantee to give you the comfort needed as you await the dentists to attend to you. They have a stand by customer service team looking to attend to you. If you are looking for the best dentists for dental services in Houston, then you definitely have to consider these guys. They accept virtually all the medical insurances available in the area and you therefore don’t have to worry about a thing. They are licensed and are recognized by the relevant orthodontic bodies in Houston and the U.S at large and you can expect nothing short of utter professionalism from these guys.

Visit their website at or give them a call today to hire them for the best dental braces and other dental services for the whole family.