The Top 10 Dentist in Aldine Texas 

Thanks to the internet, searching for an Aldine dentist is not as complicated as it used to be a few years ago. But although the web has simplified the search process, it has not made it easier to weed out the quacks, bad doctors, and the unprofessional ones. A simple search engine is bound to give you thousands of results within a few seconds.

But isn’t there a better way to go about searching for the best dentist? Thankfully, there is! Here at Vita Dental Spring, we understand the hassle that patients go through in search of a dentist. We have therefore taken our time to prepare a list of the top ten dentists in Aldine. They include:

1. Vita Dental Spring

At Vita Dental Spring, we have professional doctors who have specialized in areas such as general dentistry, dental care for kids, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. Our professionals can handle a range of patient care needs from regular consultations to examinations and maintenance.

They are also capable of handling multi-step procedures such as the installation of crows, dental bridges, and dental implants. Vita Dental Spring dentists provide services in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner. Rest assured that we can handle all your family’s dental care needs at our facility with ease.

2. Jefferson Dental Care

The facility serves the Aldine community under the excellent leadership skills of  Dr. Jung Ah Lee. Jefferson Dental Care provides services ranging from general to emergency and cosmetic dental services such as root canals, bridges, fillings, dentures, and crowns.  She considers her patients as her partners and takes time to explain each procedure to them before commencing treatment.

3. Complete Dental

Complete Dental has been operating in Aldine, Texas since 1977. It is a facility known for providing professional, friendly, and family-oriented dental care. Dr. Boris has made a name for himself in the local community for taking his time to understand patient needs before commencing treatment. All his treatment options are customized to meet the specific needs of his clients, as well as the objectives that they have set for themselves.

4. Aldine Dental

Aldine Dental is a family-oriented dental practice run by three dentists namely Dr. Bita Shakiba (Endodontist), Dr. Alireza Hourfar (Orthodontist), and Dr. Sadaf Sianati (Chief General Dentist). Some of the services provided at the facility include dental implants, orthodontic treatments, endodontic treatments, sedation treatments, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry.

5. Aldine Dental Smiles

Aldine Dental Smiles has specialized in helping people regain their lost smiles. Its entire team has dedicated itself to providing the patients with personalized, quality, and professional dental care that they all need and deserve. Their services include cosmetic, restorative, and general dental services, e.g., implants, cleanings, porcelain veneers, and fillings designed to meet the needs of the entire family. 

6. Kool Smiles

Kool Smiles is a dental practice that takes great pride in caring for the local community by providing them with compassionate, accessible, and quality oral care. It has a team of administrators, nurses, and doctors who are determined to make sure that all patients get a pleasant visit, and that they leave the facility being more informed than when they arrived.

7. Trinity Dental Centers

Trinity Dental Centers were started by Dr. Amjad Sheikh in 2002 when he was still a fresh graduate. In launching the centers, he had one goal in mind: ensure that patients get access to affordable and world-class dental services.

His vision for affordable dental services began after noting that many patients chose to seek cheaper dental treatments south of the border due to financial constraints.

From his observations, he decided to start a line of clinics that could make this dream a reality. Today, many patients feel at ease at his facilities as he is honest, straightforward, and very reliable.

8. Spring Complete Care Dentistry

This facility is run and managed by Dr. Jeff Tan, and a team of highly-skilled doctors and nurses. Dr. Tan and his team provide services such as dental restoration, periodontal care, cosmetic dentistry, sedation services, and emergency dental care services. The facility is also an Invisalign certified provider.

9. South Texas Dental

South Texas Dental has been in operation for more than twenty years. The clinic, founded in 1993, is renowned for providing affordable dental care services within the Aldine, Texas area. Currently, South Texas Dental has more than thirty-seven offices within the larger Texas area. They accept various payment plans including cash, Medicaid, and credit cards.

10. Sea Smiles Texas

Sea Smiles dental practice has specialized in providing cosmetic, general, restorative, and pediatric dental services. In general, it is a facility that can meet the dental needs of your entire family. Its goal is to ensure that each patient gets to receive and maintain a beautiful smile. Some of its services include implant restorations, root canal therapy, and teeth whitening.

If you are looking for a dentist in Aldine, Texas, we at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you try any of the facilities listed above.