The Dangers of Avoiding the Dentist

Dental health is paramount to every person. However, it is shocking to find that people do not take the required care for their teeth. Taking care of the teeth is not just brushing daily. It also incorporates the visits to the dentist. It is an issue many people tend to ignore. There are several reasons which can make people not to care for their teeth such as being busy or merely lacking time to visit the dentist. It is worth noting that our dental health and smile are what define us. Failing to see a dentist has dire consequences which can make an individual to lose his or her teeth. Vita Dental Spring warns you of these effects.

  • The Probability of a Teeth Decaying

Failing to give your teeth the necessary care plays a significant role in attracting harmful bacteria into our mouth. They attack the teeth and gums which are not only painful but also lead to a lot of damage to the parts. Tooth decay is a major cause of bad smell in your tooth. Recent research has indicated that if these bacteria go unchecked, they can overgrow in an individual’s mouth and pose a significant risk to the person.

Specifically, they can damage the enamel which has no repair. Continued tooth decay makes our teeth develop holes which are very painful and hard to fill, thereby making our teeth vulnerable to cavities. A regular visit to the dentist can assist in preventing this problem since the dentist can identify the problem and look for a solution before it is too late.

  • The Probability of Getting Oral Cancer

Recently, cancer is becoming a leading cause of death in many developed and developing nations. Failure to take care of our teeth exposes us to the deadly oral cancer which has no cure. Some of the effects of this cancer are the difficulty in chewing food which in turn leads to poor health. Although other factors such as smoking and alcohol abuse lead to this cancer, lack of proper oral hygiene can be a significant contributor. Schedule your appointment today for a regular oral cancer screening before it’s too late.

  • Staining Of the Teeth

Our teeth make us beautiful and enhance our smile. Stained teeth reduce our confidence in public. It is such a big shame. Visiting a dentist at Vita Dental Spring plays a crucial role in ensuring that our teeth are clean and free from stains. Teeth are naturally porous which makes prone to having stains. People who take coffee, tea and alcohol are at a risk of teeth dicoloration. If we do not visit a dentist regularly, the chances are that they will be stained.

  • Risk of Getting Gum Diseases

Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS from Vita Dental Spring says that this is a common disease which is caused by bacteria. The disease-causing microorganisms accumulate in the gum line and start to destroy it. Some of the signs of this disease are a pain on the tooth and gum. If the affected person does not visit a dentist in time, the damage can proceed to the loss of teeth. That is not all; gum disease is a crucial contributor to bleeding gums and bad smell in our mouth.

  • Persistent Toothaches and Loss of the Teeth

Failing to visit a dentist over a long duration of time leads to the accumulation of dirt and other disease-causing microorganisms in the mouth. With time, they invade the gum and the teeth thus making it difficult for a person to chew food or take hot and cold drinks.

Teeth sensitivity is an indication that the bacteria have already damaged the root canal which now calls for the extraction of the teeth.

Additionally, the infection of the gum leads to inflammation that slowly damages, weakens, and loosens the teeth. Damaged gums are very painful, and the tooth can fall off at any given time.

  • Increases the Probability of Contracting Other Diseases

There is a need to regularly visit a dentist at Vita Dental Spring even if one does not have a problem with his or her teeth. There are some bacteria which accumulate in the mouth and do not necessarily affect the teeth. If left unchecked over a significant duration of time, these microorganisms can cause systemic infections in our bodies. A good example is a cardiac arrest which is more pronounced to people who have gum problems. Such people are susceptible to a heart attack. That is not all. The bacteria can make an individual suffer from dementia, diabetes and other respiratory problems.

  • Expensive Treatment In The Future

If you avoid a dentist for too long, it might reach a point where you must go to see one. By then your teeth would be severely damaged. The extensive damage will require you to undergo costly treatments and schedule multiple follow-ups after the procedure. As you can see, you will end up spending so much time and incurring unplanned expenses which can be avoided by being consistent in your dental visits.