Ten Best Dentists In Spring Texas For Braces

Ten Best Dentists In Spring Texas For Braces

Few people are lucky to be born with perfect teeth. However, latest technology using braces can make a huge difference to both affected adults and children. You will need professional consultation, guidance, and treatment to achieve the right results. Below are some of the best dentists in Spring Texas for braces.

Dr. Jisoo Shin of Vita Dental

If you are looking for a dentist who will handle your child with the attention and care, then Dr. Jisoo is the right dentist to visit. She has deep knowledge and skill in the dentistry field especially in restorative prosthetics and orthodontic treatment. She comes with an added advantage because she loves working with kids and her happiness is restoring great smiles. This does not exclude the adults. She is great with the adults as well. We all love healthy relationships with our healthcare providers.

Dr. Studebaker of Studebaker Orthodontists

Dr. Studebaker is a highly qualified dentist with over ten years of experience in the dentistry field. After advancing studies from a general dentist, he gained exposure to the modern developments in orthodontics. This motivated him to open up his own practice where he could offer orthodontic services to patients. His services include fixing braces, aligners, clear aligners, and Invisalign. He is fun and friendly when in action ready to provide the best he can to all the patients.

Dr. Matthew Ng of West Spring

Dr. Mathew is a young, smart yet knowledgeable in all aspects of multidisciplinary dentistry and orthodontics owing to his broad education and experience background. He is committed to staying updated on the latest developments including braces and other options related to aligning crooked teeth. Moreover, he is among the few certified dentists in clear alignment treatment providers as well as being a provider to the SimpliClear System.

Dr. Kelly LeBlanc of Family Dental on Louetta

Dr. Kelly boasts of twenty-five years practice in dentistry in which twenty have been practiced in Spring. He is passionate about restoring healthy and beautiful smiles among residents of Spring. According to his peers in the industry, Dr. Kelly was among the pioneers in the journey to introducing and providing patients with Invisalign orthodontic products apart from the traditional braces. Dr. Kelly is undeniably one of the best dentists in the United States having been nominated as a Texas Super Dentist regularly.

Dr. Mecca Abdullah of Spring Market Dental Group and Orthodontics

Dr. Mecca is a highly respectable and intelligent orthodontist who outrightly believes that a smile leaves a lasting impression of a person and a true reflection of one’s personality. She declares her love for her job when working with different patients while trying to understand every individual’s needs. This pushes her to create a friendly, enjoyable yet personalized environment for all her patients.

Dr. Ryan Oakleyor Spring Creek Dentistry

Dr. Ryan holds Bachelor degrees in both economics and medicine in which he later specialized in dental science. He went ahead and founded Spring Creek Dentistry in 2005 which he has run remarkably well owing to his broad experience and expertise in both economics and dentistry. His motivation to run his own practice emanates from his genuine care he has for patients who need restorative dentistry ranging from traditional braces, Invisalign, and cosmetic braces.

Dr. David White of Pediatric Dental Specialists

Dr. White is a certified orthodontist as well as an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists. Working in a pediatric environment has equipped Dr. White with the necessary skills and virtues to handle kids in need of orthodontic help. He is friendly and dedicated to fixing braces in order to restore young, beautiful smiles on kids.

Dr. Loc Bui of Everest Dental Clinic

Dr. Loc believes skill and compassion go hand in hand. He strives to stay up to date on the latest developments in orthodontics. He is dedicated to building a healthy relationship with every patient with a bid to restore every patient’s dream smile. He is also skilled in other areas of dentistry apart from restorative dentistry.

Dr. Stephen Glass of Advanced Dentistry of Spring

One of the best minds, Spring is blessed to have. Dr. Stephen is an elite with a decorated education and experience background. Being a member of the American Orthodontic Society, Dr. Glass strives to offer the very best services as well as updating patients with the last advancements in the field. He is an active philanthropist in his community which sums up his great personality and passion for helping those in need of his skills.

Dr. Clifton Baldwin of Dream Smile Team

Dr. Clifton has been practicing dentistry for over thirty years. Practice makes perfect. His vast experience in the field makes him one of the best in offering quality services. Moreover, he believes that quality is delivered with the best equipment and environment which makes him use the latest technology available to bring back the smiles patients dream of. To him what counts is a patient’s satisfaction.