Teeth Whitening – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

Teeth Whitening – Top 5 Tips in Spring Texas

If your smile is less than perfect, it may be that your teeth need some care. For cosmetic purposes, whitening teeth is important. They look great and make you feel great. White teeth give you the confidence to smile and be your best at all times. Unlike many other trends that come and go, white teeth will always be in vogue. That is why we at Vita Dental Houston have decided to compile these teeth whitening tips for you.

Ensure you use the right shade of lipstick

In some cases, you may not need to visit the dentist to get whiter teeth. One of the best tricks to make your teeth white is to pick the right type of lipstick. What you may not have realized is that some lipstick colors make your teeth look darker. Others will help to make your teeth appear brighter. Knowing what dulls or brightens your teeth is important. This way, you will always look great when you take photos.

Watch what you eat

Another reason why your teeth get dark, in spite of using teeth whitening devices, is the food you take. For instance, if you love to sip on some wine and take coffee all day, it may cause your teeth to darken. It gets even worse if you are a regular smoker. With time, your teeth will become yellowish.

Besides, wine, coffee, and tobacco, there are many other foods that darken teeth. They include dark juices, beer, some soft drinks, and many others. In general, if you take anything that is dark in color, there is a good chance it will make your teeth darker.

Naturally, you cannot avoid all dark foods. However, you can eat fruits that are great for your teeth. For instance, you can chew apples and other foods that help to clean your teeth. Besides that, ensure that you take a lot of water after consuming dark foods to rinse your mouth.

Change your toothbrush often

Besides staining, plaque can cause your teeth to appear dark colored. This may be because the toothbrush you use is too old. Always ensure that you change your toothbrush about once every four months.

If you are not doing that, your old toothbrush may not be able to get rid of enough plaque from your teeth. Thus, the plaque numbers just keep going up, making your teeth appear yellow. The plaque is a layer of bacteria, which can also release acids that stain your teeth. If you fail to change your toothbrush, do not expect to have white teeth.

Do not neglect basic teeth hygiene

One of the easiest ways to maintain white teeth is to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Even without any special toothpaste or whitening, the teeth can be quite white. It is important you do this every day, whether you are on holiday or at home.

Brushing and flossing should not be put off just because you are at a Christmas party. Even then, your teeth have a high risk of becoming stained, especially since you are consuming a lot of sugars. You can also try a mouthwash occasionally. This way, you can get to hidden spots where food might be stuck.

It is especially important if you have braces. At such a time, it will be impossible to floss, unless you have removable braces. If you do this religiously, there is a very good chance that you will have white teeth.

Do not neglect your tongue and cheeks

Various studies have shown that most bacteria are not even on the teeth. In fact, most bacteria is on the tongue and cheeks. Thus, every time you brush your teeth, ensure that you thoroughly scrub your cheeks and tongue too.

In the modern era, it is possible to find a toothbrush that has a special tongue and cheek cleaner. Make a small investment in such a toothbrush. It may be the reason it is tough to get rid of plaque in your mouth.

Besides this tongue cleaner, a modern toothbrush will have a great bristle configuration. This way, the bristles get to every nook and cranny in your teeth. It ensures there are no enduring bacteria colonies in your mouth to grow and stain your teeth.


After doing all these things, ensure that you also go for regular dental checkups. In some cases, your teeth could be staining due to the medication you are taking. In some cases, the dentist could recommend that you switch your medication.

Additionally, a dentist will give you a dental cleaning. This cleaning, which happens twice a year, helps to get rid of plaque buildup. When this happens, it will help to eliminate any chances of thick plaque layers developing on your teeth. If you have a problem with white teeth, visit us at our office in Houston. We at Vita Dental Houston will have a solution for you.