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When Do I Need To Pull My Wisdom Tooth?

A huge number of people believe that pulling out their wisdom teeth is necessary. However, not everyone needs to get rid of these molars. A common reason why wisdom teeth are removed early is that they can cause some serious problems later in life. By removing them before they develop fully, you are mitigating the […]

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25 Secrets to Brighter, Whiter Teeth

About one in five people cover their teeth in photos. One reason may be that they are embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. Having white teeth is of great importance in today’s society. Here are some tips that should help you keep your teeth white.

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Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco to Teeth

“Do not sell cigarettes to children under the age of 18” this is a popular phrase from millions of ads around the world. As a parent, I really concur with this message because I care about our kids and their well being. As a dentist though, my ideologies differ with this famous statement. If you […]

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