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Does Your Age Affect the Success of Braces?

When it comes to orthodontic braces, there is no such thing as “too old” for treatment. According to researches malocclusion or dental malformations in adults is comparable to what children and adolescents are suffering from. In fact, three-quarters of adults have some form of malocclusion issue such as teeth crowding or drifting after extractions.

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How Often Will I Need to See the Orthodontist During Treatment for Braces

Once you get an orthodontic treatment for your malocclusions, you need to make follow-up appointments to the orthodontist’s office for worn-out rubber replacements and teeth realignment progress checkups. Skipping some of these appointments will hinder your rate of treatment or lead to a more overhaul procedure of replacing the braces. Hence, seeing the orthodontist during […]

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How Long Will I Have To Wear Braces?

The duration for wearing dental braces to correct malocclusions or teeth malformations can be determined by a wide range of factors. Moreover, every person reacts differently to treatment. Your orthodontist will have to evaluate your response to treatment before deciding that you’re stable and don’t need them anymore. In fact, an orthodontist undergoes specialized training […]

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5 Things an Orthodontist Does for You

Orthodontists are dentists who have undergone specialized training. While the dentist is responsible for the general care of your oral health, an orthodontist has more specialized purposes. Despite that, it does not mean that you require a referral to meet an orthodontist.

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