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Restorative Dentistry Endodontics

Restorative Dentistry Endodontics Your teeth are actually more complex than they usually appear and have a lot going on beneath the surface. This is because, beneath the white exterior lies a system of living tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that help nourish the tooth. Most people don’t know about this system until they encounter issues […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Get a Root Canal at Vita Dental Spring

A root canal is a form of dental treatment used to treat a tooth that has decayed or is infected. The procedure involves the removal of nerve and pulp inside the tooth. It is then cleaned and sealed to prevent infection from damaging other teeth and the jaw. Here are some of the reasons why […]

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

One of the most common dental treatments available today, is the root canal. Each year, through endodontic root canal treatment, millions of teeth are saved and restored to fully functionality. The whole procedure of root canal treatment often comes as a surprise to most people because they don’t quite understand what the whole procedure entails.

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