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Are Braces Part of Orthodontics?

A surprising question once came up from one of our patients when he asked if braces were part of orthodontics. It might look like a straight forward yes answer but turns out explaining it is not as easy. It took me a lot of time to come up with a comprehensive answer in form of […]

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Who has Dental Braces in One Direction?

The amount of hate that braces get on tabloids and blogs is unmerited and undue. Yes, braces are not the most comfortable devices to walk around with. They get in the way of smooches and can cause some degree of pain. They can make you shy away from smiling at the cameras and make you […]

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What is the Difference between Dental Braces and Dental Implants?

Missing, crooked or overcrowded teeth can affect the quality of life that you are leading. Teeth are essential in doing many things which eventually affect the entire lifestyle that we lead. Small aspects of life like eating, speaking and even smiling may seem insignificant but they affect the way we live. When you are missing […]

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