What are the Symptoms that you Need to Know about Root Canal?

I am sure that at some point in your life, you have heard about something called root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is a very common form of treatment used in hospitals today and has slowly replaced tooth extraction. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the pulp that contains blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves in teeth in order to relieve pain and sensitivity.

When forming, teeth just like all body parts, need a constant supply of nutrients and nourishment to perform their tasks as required. These nourishment and nutrients are supplied by blood vessels which are located in the canals deep in the root of the tooth. With time though, when your teeth are all grown and strong, they stop needing the nerves and blood vessels. This means that the nerves and blood vessels or the entire root canal can be removed and the tooth can still function properly. This is necessary when the pulp is inflamed or is infected. Root canal treatment has really grown in popularity because it is more viable than tooth extraction and it has helped save a lot of teeth. It is also painless and is affordable to many.

Very many people actually need this procedure but they don’t know it. There are very many people who have been suffering from certain dental problems which a simple root canal procedure can help relieve. So, what are the telling signs that you might need a root canal procedure? What are some of the symptoms that you need a root canal from your dentist? Here are some of the common symptoms that should prompt you to get a root canal from your dentist;

10 Common Symptom of Root Canal

 Acute pain

If you have been experiencing persistent tooth aches and pains in your teeth, then this might be a sign that you need root canal treatment. Pain is often a first indicator that something is wrong at the root of your tooth. When the pulp containing the vessels and nerves is inflamed or infected, the nerves are exposed and become more sensitive to touch and changes in temperature

Broken or cracked tooth

If your tooth suffers an accident or trauma that causes it to partially break or crack, then it might be time to say goodbye to your root canal. If your tooth is broken and the nerves are exposed, you risk contracting infections which may have far worse consequences. In such a scenario, the only option that your dentist has, is to remove the root canal to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Sensitivity to changes in temperature

The other indicative sign that you may need root canal treatment, is too much sensitivity to temperature changes. If you ever realize that drinking cold drinks or eating cold foods such as ice cream is becoming increasingly unbearable, then you need to get rid of your root canal. This applies to hot foods and hot drinks.

Tooth decay

If you have decayed teeth in your mouth, then you might want to visit your dentist and get a root canal procedure. Dental decay is caused by a number of factors including lack of proper brushing and eating sugary foods. With time, tooth decay will cause tremendous amounts of pain and discomfort and root canal can help solve all this.

Abscessed teeth

Excessive root decay can result in abscessed teeth. Abscessed teeth result in throbbing pains and lots of discomfort. If you realize that there are abscessed teeth in your mouth then you need to talk to your dentist and get root canal treatment.

Unpleasant odour in your mouth

If even after brushing your mouth you are still experiencing an unpleasant odour in your mouth, you need to see a dentist because this might be indicative of dental decay. Root canal treatment will get rid of the inflamed pulp causing the stench and you will be able to live without fear or shame.

Tooth discolouration

Discoloured teeth should be a telling sign as well that you need to visit your dentist for a root canal. Tooth discolouration is caused by internal bleeding and an affected pulp. Removal of the pulp will help correct his situation and the original color of the teeth attained.


If you have swollen gums as well, you might want to go see your dentist for a root canal because this might be indicative of an infection or inflammation of the pulp containing connective tissues and blood vessels.

Tenderness in the lymph nodes

If your lymph nodes are unusually tender, then it means that there is an infection affecting your teeth. Some people experience swollen lymph nodes or drainage in the lymph nodes when their pulp is affected by an infection or injury.

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