Does Smoking Really Affect Teeth?

Most people in the world are addicted to smoking. In some cultures, smoking is a way of life and people don’t seem to care about the detriments that accompany the norm. Health specialists are often telling of the vast effects of smoking. However, they overlook the consequences of smoking on dental health.  Due to this, the toll of smoking on dental health has increased, costing them both their smiles and lives in the end.

So what are some of the ramifications of smoking on dental health? Does the smoking really affect teeth or is it just a fuss? To answer these two questions,

Here are some of the most detrimental effects of smoking on your teeth

Periodontal Diseases

 These refer to conditions surrounding the gums.  They can either be gingivitis or periodontitis.  Gingivitis involves red swelling in gums, with excess tenderness. Periodontitis is an advanced stage of gingivitis. At the base of your teeth, you have gums snuggling around. They are a cover to the teeth roots’. Smoking reduces blood flow to your gums as a result of vein constriction. In time they pull away from your teeth leaving your roots exposed. At first, you will get teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. Next, the gums will form pockets allowing food to hide between them and the roots. Periodontitis will have bleeding gums, with the deep pockets extending between the teeth and gums  As the food decays,  bacteria also increase thus more infections on your gum. Continued smoking in such a stage will then lead to plaque.

Teeth Staining

Most smoking products contain nicotine and tar from tobacco. During each cigarette smoke, there is a tar and nicotine deposit in the person’s calculus, at the base of the teeth. Some smokers will brush their teeth many times in a day to avoid staining.  Stains on denture are difficult to rid off, and In time their teeth become completely brown. In extreme cases, the teeth will become black. Apart from losing your treasured smile, your esteem and quality of life will considerably go down. Smoking coupled with poor dental hygiene will accentuate your teeth staining.

Oral Cancer

 When you are an adept smoker, lung cancer isn’t your only worry. Tobacco smoke is highly carcinogenic.  Smoking releases these chemicals into your mouth altering the mucosal lining or your oral tissues. The early signs of oral cancer will be losing your teeth. Your doctor will not find any explanation for the loss of teeth.  For those wearing dentures, they will no longer be a perfect fit. You will have to watch out whenever you laugh lest your dentures fall.

Tooth Wear and Cavities

 Smokers will brush their teeth severally in a bid to avoid stains. In due time, their teeth will get abrasions. The teeth wear down and get highly sensitive. Their teeth also get an unsightly botchy appearance. The teeth at this point weakened. As teeth start to loosen, you will need root canals and other treatment options. In smoking effect extremes, it becomes challenging to perform restorative dentistry. Aesthetic treatments are also not ideal.

Bad Breath

As a result of gum infections such as plaque and gingivitis, your mouth will let off some stenches.  Communication will become involving, as people avoid contact with you. No one wants to be the bearer of the message” your breath stinks.”  Many smokers tend always to chew gum.  In this way, they can mask the bad breaths emanating from bad dental health and this really is an unnecessary hassle that they can do away with by just quitting smoking.

Smoking looks classy and Porsche in the movies. Some hip hop artists have in fact made a good deal from videos of them smoking. The above effects, however, are often left out in cigar and cigarette adverts.  To avoid the above problems, you will need to cease smoking. Cessations might be difficult, but with your dentist’s help, you can pull through it.

Here at Vita Dental Care, we always advise our patients against smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol especially if they care about their dental wellbeing. Smoking predisposes you to a host of dental infections and will lower the quality of life you lead. Above all, there is the grave danger of oral cancer which takes a miracle to be treated. It really is not worth the risk- STOP smoking today for a more beautiful smile and longer life.

If you need any help quitting smoking, or tips on how to desist from smoking and start taking care of your teeth, trust me we are always here to help you. Give us a call today or visit our offices here in Katy for best vita dental services and we will examine your teeth to diagnose any damages already done and offer the best treatment options before referring you to the right professionals to help you control your smoking habit.