Short FAQ on Dental Implants Treatment

Considered the most natural-looking and feeling replacement for missing teeth, dental implant have received a lot of love in the dental industry. Their efficacy coupled with minimum maintenance makes them an ideal replacement for missing teeth.

Despite their efficiency, there are very many questions surrounding implant surgery. Patients here at Vita Dental Houston always present a myriad of questions concerning dental implants and we want to address some of those commonly asked questions. Here are the 15 frequently asked questions about dental implants;

Short FAQ on Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Implants are faux dental roots made of titanium. They are placed in the jawbone and anchor the abutment onto which a crown is fixed. They are very strong in nature thanks to the excellent anchorage the jawbone offers.

What is the average cost of dental implants?

Contrary to popular opinion, dental implants are not as expensive as people imagine they are. A single tooth implant costs anything from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on availability or lack thereof insurance. The overall cost will also vary depending on other patient needs, bone quantity and other dental office charges.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

Dental implant treatment may or may not qualify for insurance coverage. Qualification depends on the necessity of the dental implants- are they simply cosmetic or medically necessary? To find out about coverage by medical insurance, talk to your dentist or consult your insurance company and they will proceed more information on the same.

Are dental implants better than the other replacements?

If efficiency, economy and patient feedback is anything to go by, then dental implants are better than the other missing teeth replacement options. They are more convenient than dentures, will last longer than crowns and functionally better than veneers.

How long do dental implants last?

Depending on how well you maintain them, dental implants can last a lifetime. They offer very many years and this is why they are considered to be economical. Despite a higher initial cost, they are a one off investment and will last for a very long time.

What are some of the advantages of dental implants?

Implants have a myriad of advantages. They help improve one’s aesthetics by providing the natural look of teeth, improve the way one goes about daily activities like chewing, talking and even cleaning teeth. They are very convenient and will drastically improve the quality of life an individual leads.

What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

There is an outside chance of getting inflammations and infections after the surgery. This is however not anything new in the surgery scene and minor infections are common after surgical procedures. Implant dentistry is otherwise very safe and has no any other known side effects.

What qualifications are required for one to offer implant dentistry?

To successfully carry out a dental implants surgery, one needs to be qualified and be massively experienced. Although some oral surgeons can place dental implants, it is always advisable to get dental implants from a certified dental surgeon with the required qualifications and experience.

Who is the ideal candidate for dental implants?

Ideally any adult in good health with missing teeth, is an ideal candidate for dental implants. The exceptions are people suffering from chronic illnesses and people with bone loss. Chronic illness like diabetes hinder quick healing while bone loss means that there will be minimal anchorage for the implant.

What is the success rate of dental implants in America?

Dental implants are very safe and cases of botched surgeries are very few. The success of the implants depends on the recipient’s oral hygiene and health. If an individual takes good care of the implants and maintains good oral hygiene, then the success rate of implants will always be above 90%.

How does one maintain dental implants?

The beauty of getting dental implants is that, you require very little or no special maintenance at all. All you need is to keep brushing your teeth as usual and floss after every meal. Taken care of, implants will last for a lifetime.

Are there metal free implants?

Some patients have come to our offices looking for metal free implants. Unfortunately, metal free dental implants don’t exist yet. The metallic material used to make dental implants today provides strength and sturdiness which no other material of the same size can quite provide.

Are there removable dental implants?

Fortunately, dental implants are permanent. Fortunate because removable dental implants would not only be unstable but would be very inconveniencing. Imagine removing your implants every time you want to brush your teeth or eat!

Are there food types I should avoid with dental implants?

Once they are in place and the healing process is complete, you can eat virtually anything. The implants are as strong as natural teeth and you can easily bite into anything therefore and chew with ease.

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