Restorative Dentistry Endodontics

Restorative Dentistry Endodontics

Your teeth are actually more complex than they usually appear and have a lot going on beneath the surface. This is because, beneath the white exterior lies a system of living tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that help nourish the tooth. Most people don’t know about this system until they encounter issues with their teeth touching on it, as then you will definitely know about it. This is because issues in the inner soft tissues of a tooth, or the pulp, are usually accompanied by significant pain and swelling. Just like our gums, periodontium and other tooth support structures, it was deemed necessary to have a branch of dentistry that focusses only on the inner tissues of the tooth.

This is where endodontics comes in, and as per the gurus over at Vita Dental Houston, the best place in Katy Texas to go for such services, it is described as the branch of dentistry that focusses on the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the tooth’s root. An endodontist is a dental specialist that specializes in endodontics with endodontic treatment being the treatment of the soft inner tissue of the tooth.

This article will look to go into detail about what endodontics is about as well as some of the common endodontic procedures out there.

It is important to note right off the gate that as a branch of dentistry, endodontics is mainly focused on saving the tooth, something that is at the core of the various endodontic procedures. To be able to practice endodontics, a dentist will have to specialize in the field by undergoing two or more years of advanced specialist training in endodontics after finishing dental school. This means that, while general dentists can be able to perform simple endodontic procedures such as simple root canals, endodontists are trained to be able to handle simple and complex endodontic procedures and that is why you will always be referred to one if your case is complex.

Since endodontics as a field is highly focused on dealing with issues of the soft tissue of the tooth, endodontists are experts at dealing with a wide variety of such issues and provide the best outcomes and the least healing times as far as these issues are concerned, which is why the experts over at Vita Dental Houston in Katy Texas are so popular in the area.

They also leverage the latest advanced technologies and techniques in the field of endodontics and as such are able to get a detailed view of the inner parts of the tooth for an accurate diagnosis as well as provide treatment that is effective, quick and pain-free. In fact, other than saving of teeth, endodontics is also big on providing a pain-free experience for patients and that is why, contrary to popular belief, modern endodontic procedures are relatively painless.

Next, we are going to take a look at the various endodontic procedures available when you visit an endodontist, all of which are available for the folks of Katy Texas over at the excellent Vita Dental Houston. Given that endodontics is focused on saving teeth, the various endodontic procedures are all focused on the same. The most well-known endodontic procedure is the root canal treatment procedure, a common procedure that is done to save your tooth and alleviate pain. It involves the careful removal of the pulp inside the tooth, the cleaning, disinfection and shaping of the root canals and then the placing of a filling to seal the space left behind.

Another endodontic procedure we have to mention is the endodontic retreatment procedure which is done in cases where a tooth that had undergone a root canal procedure doesn’t heal properly and becomes painful and re-infected again. Another common endodontic procedure is endodontic surgery which is done when a nonsurgical root canal procedure will not be enough to save your tooth. This process allows the endodontist to locate hidden canals or small fractures in your tooth that may have been undetected on x-rays.

This procedure may also be required to remove calcium deposits in root canals as well as in treating cases where the surrounding bone of the tooth has been damaged or damaged root surfaces. Due to advanced technologies such as operating microscopes and digital imaging, endodontic surgical procedures are painless, quick and highly successful. Examples of endodontic surgical procedures include an apicoectomy, which is the most common one, among others.

Next up we are going to highlight when one should seek endodontic treatment, with the best place for folks of Katy Texas to go being over at Vita Dental Houston. If you need a root canal treatment, then you should definitely seek endodontic treatment to have your tooth saved. You may do so on your own volition if you are experiencing inflammation or infection in your tooth and suspect the issue is in the root of the tooth, or you may be referred by your dentist. If you have suffered a traumatic dental injury, then endodontic treatment may be required to save your tooth, especially in cases of severe damage involving the root of the tooth.

It is clear, from the discussion above, how important endodontics is as far as restorative dentistry, and dentistry in general, is concerned, and especially given its main focus is on saving teeth. It is also important to mention that the best place in Katy Texas for such services is over at the highly regarded dentist near you at Vita Dental Houston, Texas.