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Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Restorative Dentistry Dental Implants

Missing tooth is a problem that is all too real for a significant number of the population out there, with over 100 million Americans dealing with a missing tooth or more. This is no surprise as the loss of teeth is something that can happen due to a number of different reasons from trauma to the mouth or face where you may get teeth knocked out to poor oral hygiene practices that can lead to severe tooth decay, which may eventually lead to extraction of teeth. If you have missing teeth, then you know how much of a problem it is when it comes to the appearance of your smile, especially if the missing tooth is visible when you smile, talk or laugh, and how this may damage your self-esteem.

Other than your confidence, missing teeth also cause issues when it comes to eating and chewing of food as well as when speaking not to mention the fact the gap left behind by the missing tooth provides a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. This is why your dentist will always recommend that you have your missing teeth replaced with restorative dentistry procedures, with one of the options available out there for you being dental implants. This article, with the help of the excellent Vita Dental Houston in Katy Texas, will look to highlight what dental implants are about as well as what to expect during the procedure with the hope of providing you with as much information as possible.

Dental implants are metal posts or screws that are surgically implanted into the jawbone below your gums and work as replacement tooth roots therefore providing a strong foundation to support replacement teeth, which will be mounted onto them. Dental implants provide a permanent solution to your missing teeth problem and they can last you a lifetime if you take good care of them, just like your natural teeth. 

Dental implants also offer the best aesthetic value of all the other restorative dentistry missing teeth replacement procedures as they look and feel like your natural teeth. In fact, one of your close friends could get a dental implant and unless they tell you, you may never notice or know. The procedure of getting a dental implant also doesn’t affect any adjacent teeth which are yet another plus. Given also that dental implant surgery currently has a success rate of up to 98%, it means that the chances of the implant failing are very low.

However, it should be noted that not everyone can be able to receive a dental implant. Those with unhealthy gums due to gum disease, those with not enough bone density as far as their jawbone is concerned, heavy smokers as well as those suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes among others may not qualify for dental implants. This is why it is important to speak with your dentist if you are considering this procedure. Dental implants are also more expensive than the other missing teeth replacement procedures, and for the most part, are not usually covered by insurance, and even when covered, it is usually less than 10%.

The good news for the folks in Katy Texas is that over at Vita Dental Houston there are a number of excellent payment options that will help make the procedure more affordable.

As far as what is involved in getting a dental implant, the procedure is divided into two stages; the placement stage and the restoration stage. Given that the procedure may require one or more surgical procedures, the preparation part is key and is thorough and may involve a number of different dental experts such as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, a periodontist among others.

These experts will judge your suitability to the procedure by checking the state of your jawbone and gums as well as coming with a treatment plan for you. They will also discuss with you the three anesthesia options available to you and help arrive at which one is the best for you. You will then be given instructions on what to do and what not to do on the days leading up to the surgery and on the day of the surgery, depending on the anesthetic option chosen.

You may be advised not to eat or drink on the day of the surgery as well as to bring a family member or friend who will drive you back home after the surgery among others as per the gurus over at Vita Dental Houston dentist in Katy Texas.

The process itself may involve a number of different steps. If you have a tooth that is damaged and hasn’t come out already, it will have to be extracted first. The jawbone will then be prepared for surgery, with bone grafting done in cases where one doesn’t have enough bone density in their jawbone to support the implant, as per the gurus over at Vita Dental Houston in Katy Texas. Here, a natural bone graft from another location of your body or a synthetic bone graft may be used.

If you undergo a bone graft, you will have to wait for the transplanted bone to grow enough bone and to heal which may take a number of months. If you only undergo minor grafting, this can be done at the same time as the implant surgery and therefore no recovery time will be needed. Once the jawbone heals, that is if you had to undergo a bone graft, the implant will be surgically implanted into the jawbone. Once the metal screw or post is in place, it is allowed to fuse with the jawbone as the bone heals in a process known as osseointegration, which may take several months as well.

Once this is complete, the abutment is then placed, which may require a minor surgical procedure, although in some cases the abutment may be placed when the metal post is being implanted, something some don’t like as they will be left with a visible abutment during the healing process.

Once the abutment is attached and the gums have healed, the artificial tooth is then placed on top. This artificial tooth is made to look like your adjacent teeth. Once everything heals, your replacement tooth will look and feel like your natural teeth. You will be required to take care of it as you would your natural teeth, with good oral hygiene practices.

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