Resources that are Available to Those who Can’t Afford Regular Dental Care

Unfortunately, there are millions of individuals who have not had the privilege to have access to, regular, ongoing, affordable dental care. As a result, they have suffered from things such as an increase in cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. Generally speaking, those who are unable to obtain regular treatments are at greater risk for an onslaught of other health issues.  It is discouraging to have dental needs without having access to proper dental care.

Below are some resources that are available to those who can’t afford regular dental treatment.

Many people are unaware that there are thousands of dentist on a nationwide basis who will offer dental services at a discounted rate to those who cannot afford traditional dental care. These reduced fees are offered through organizations such as dental sponsored assistance programs. There are dental societies throughout the country and each provides fees that could be different from one geographical location to another. To get started by utilizing this resource, contact a local Dental Society in your area to obtain more information about assistance programs and low to no cost dental care programs in your area.

Other resources consist of public health clinics, they often have dental services that are offered at their facilities. Most of them provide low-cost to no-cost services based on the patient’s ability to pay. Check with your public health clinic in your area. Most of them are offered through county agencies.

Dental schools are another great resource to obtain quality dental care at a low cost. The way that dental schools work is that dental students who are in training during the final stages of their academic careers perform dental procedures under the supervision of their instructors. Most of them are practicing dentist in the local area. The students at such universities and colleges must perform these procedures before they can pass various exams and qualify to become a practicing dentist. This is a great way to get ongoing dental treatment at a very low cost. The only issue with this resource is that you need to make sure that you schedule an appointment during the first part of the semester so that you can get the treatment you need before the semester ends. Often times dental students graduate or move on to other courses and may not have the opportunity to see your treatment plan through completion.  Check with the colleges and universities in your community to find out more about dental schools in your area.

Community health centers are other great resources. They normally have dentists who are available on call. They along with other charitable hospitals normally offer dental treatment services at an extremely low price.

Organizations such as the American Dental Association provides a wide variety of links on their website to even more resources. This includes links to websites such as various state dental associations, local dental societies, as well as state-level dental schools.  To find out more about these programs, simply ask a dentist in your area or make a phone call to your local state or county health department.

Lastly, for those who are able to cross our nearby borders, you may consider obtaining dental care in countries such as Mexico. They provide affordable dental care at just a fraction of the cost of dental treatment here in the US. More specifically, bordering cities such as Tijuana and Los Algodones are easy to get to and provide a wide variety of dental services. please contact here for more information about obtaining dental care in Mexico,