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Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Preventative Dentistry Mouth Guards

Our teeth are a lot more important to us than just helping us with chewing of food, which becomes apparent when you lose a tooth or two. That is when you realize how important your teeth are as far as your smile or even your speech is concerned. One of the most common ways people lose teeth out there is as a result of trauma to the mouth, which is something that is extremely likely when playing sports, especially contact sports such as football, soccer, basketball among others. When listing out the equipment you feel you need for your favorite sport such as boots among others, one crucial equipment that most people leave out, and they really shouldn’t, is a mouth guard. Mouth guards work to cushion your teeth and gums from a blow to the face hence minimizing the risk of one suffering broken teeth as well as injuries to the tongue, lips and the inner tissues of the mouth such as the inner cheeks among others. Mouth guards come in three main types; boil and bite mouth guards which can be bought at most sporting goods stores as well as drugstores and they are first softened in boiled water before inserting in the mouth so as to adapt them to the shape of your mouth, stock mouth guards which come pre-formed and ready to wear and finally custom-made mouth guards which are custom-made to fit you by your dentist at their office. This article will look to focus on the custom-made mouth guards, with the excellent being the best place to head to in Katy Texas for such services.

Custom-made mouth guards are preferred to the other types of mouth guards as they provide a better fit since they are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly and as such will remain safely in place during action, even after you suffer a knock. They also provide a high degree of comfort as they are custom-made and as such fit the maxillary arch perfectly. Custom-made mouth guards are also professionally made and as such won’t impede speech and will allow you to speak as normal while wearing them as well as allowing you to breathe normally as they also don’t impede breathing. Given that they are made from thermoplastic polymer, they are durable and resistant to wear and tear, especially during knocks to the mouth and face as well as being odorless and tasteless hence providing a high level of hygiene. Custom-made mouth guards also reduce the chances of one suffering a concussion as they are made to separate the condyle from the base of the skull. You can also get them in the color you prefer and although they are more expensive than the other types, they are worth it. The excellent in Katy Texas also provides a number of payment options and discounts to help make them more affordable which is why you should check them out if you are looking for custom-made mouth guards for yourself.

The process itself of getting your custom-made mouth guard fitted is a straightforward one. The first step is the taking of an impression of your dental profile which involves the profile of your teeth and gum line. Once this is done, they will use this dental impression to create custom mouth guard that is the perfect fit for you. You may also be asked if you need it made in a special color, which they dentist will take into account and allow you to bring out your personality as you protect your mouth. Once you have your custom-made mouth guard, the gurus over at in Katy Texas insist it is important to take care of it. You can do so by ensuring that you keep it clean and dry in between games when you are not using it, you rinse it before and after use or even brush it with toothbrush and toothpaste, bring it with you during the regular visits to your dentist to have it examined and cleaned, check if it still fits or needs replacing due to wear and tear among others, with all these instructions being given to you by your dentist after getting your custom-made mouth guards fitted, all of which you should ensure you follow.

You may also need to go to your dentist and have nighttime custom mouth guards fitted if you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. While you may experience some teeth grinding during the day, the one that goes on during the night when you are asleep is the most difficult to control. Your dentist will be able to notice signs that you have bruxism during routine visits and will have custom nighttime mouth guards made for you, with the process of making them being almost the same as the one used to make the mouth guards for sports. These nighttime mouth guards will cushion your teeth from the force of the clenching and grinding, protecting your teeth as well as allowing your loved ones to be able to sleep as the grinding also affects them as it prevents them from sleeping due to the noise. For the folks of Katy Texas, the best place to go for custom-made nighttime mouth guards is over at

From the above discussion, two things come out very clearly: one, mouth guards play an important preventative role in preventing dental injuries with the preferred type of mouth guards being custom-made mouth guards, and two, the best place to go to so as to get your custom-made mouth guard in Katy Texas is over at the excellent