How do orthodontists Put on Dental Braces?

So, you or your child requires braces. The prospect that you will end up with an adorable smile is part of the excitement. However, you may have never done this before. The result is that you may feel a bit anxious about exactly what will happen during orthodontists put braces .

Below is an outline of how the orthodontists put on braces ? An adventure ends when you get the perfect smile.

  1. Consultation

It is the stage at which you meet the person who is about to give you a perfect smile. At this stage, the orthodontist will give an intensive physical examination. He or she will then determine what he needs to address.

For instance, he or she will check whether you are suffering from under bite, overbite, a crooked jaw, or other dental issues. At this stage, the doctor will ask you many questions. For instance, he will want to know about any discomfort that you experience.

  1. X-rays

The doctor will take X-ray photos of the patient’s mouth. Panoramic and profile X-ray photos are important for the doctor to understand your condition. The X-ray photos allow the orthodontist to see how each tooth is positioned in the mouth.

Additionally, it allows him or her to see any impacted teeth and determine what steps to take. At times, you may note that how the teeth appear on the surface is very different from how the roots are positioned inside the mouth.

  1. Extraction

It is a step that becomes necessary after the orthodontist studies your X-ray photos. He or she will determine which tooth needs to be removed to make space for others. In most cases, it is usually one of your premolars.

At times, the doctor may find that there is an extra tooth growing in your mouth. He or she will then extract the tooth to ensure that you begin the process of getting your perfect smile. The doctor will typically extract one or two teeth.

  1. Fitting Spacers

These devices, also called spacers are necessary for the installation of braces. At times, the molar of the teeth become too tightly set against each other because of braces. When this happens, it could lead to issues such as cavities.

Additionally, when molars are set too closely together, it may affect the bite. Thus, a patient may require further dental care to keep their teeth aligned. The spacers simply create spaces between the molars. The spacers may be placed in the mouth for days or weeks.

  1. Impressions

The process takes place after all extra teeth have been extracted and the spacing of the molars is complete. It is the final step before braces are fitted inside your mouth. The doctor will take an impression of your teeth, which takes 30 minutes or less.

The impressions are very important for the final process of fitting braces. For instance, it allows him or her to determine various important aspects of the procedure. For instance, the approximate length of wire and the number and types of parts required.

  1. The Banding Process

The process is relatively simple. Metallic bands are wrapped around the spaced molars. The bands are intended to act as an anchor for the other device to be installed in the mouth. A few years back, bands would be placed on all the teeth.

However, banding is now only placed on the back teeth. The reason for this is improvements made to bonding procedures.

  1. The Bonding Procedure

Before bonding, a cheek retractor is placed in the mouth to give the doctor a good view of the mouth. The teeth are then cleaned with non-flavored toothpaste.

After that, they are rinsed and air-dried. A conditioner is then applied to the teeth for 30 seconds. The conditioner is rinsed and air-dried.

A bonding material is applied to the back side of the brackets, which are then placed on the teeth. All excess bonding material is cleaned off the teeth. Blue light is used to cure the glue to ensure it stays firmly in place.

  1. Putting the Wires

The wires are attached to the brackets using rubber bands. The ties can be clear or multicolored. It all depends on the preferences of the wearer.

  1. Readjustments

Over time, the rubber bands that hold the wire in place will lose their elasticity. Thus, they have to be readjusted to ensure the wire is tightly in place. It will require regular visits to the doctor’s office.

  1. Demanding

It is the final process of wearing braces. After the teeth have been aligned properly, the doctor will remove the braces. The procedure takes about an hour or less.

The doctor may also recommend thorough teeth cleaning when the braces are removed. The entire process from start to finish typically takes eight months or less.

There you have it, braces are lifesavers. They will help you achieve your dream look perfect for any career. You self-confidence will be a notch higher and the quality of life will be better. Don’t wait anymore,You should head over to the Dentist in Spring Texas for better dental care services.