Orthodontist Who accept Aetna- Orthodontist in Spring Texas

Orthodontist Who accept Aetna

In the event that you are searching for an accomplished, qualified dental specialists that accept Aetna dental protection in Spring Texas, look no more because we have put together a list of some of the best orthodontists who accept Aetna as part of their payment. Before we take a look at the orthodontists though, here is a brief look at what Aetna is and why it is very popular;


Aetna is an American managed health care company that offers consumer directed and traditional health care insurance covers which span from dental, life, accident to medical insurance. Aetna is very popular because of the affiliation it has with Medicare and Medicaid which means that it makes it possible for people from underprivileged backgrounds to access the healthcare they need at subsidized rates.

As earlier on mentioned our focus will be on the dental insurance offered by Aetna and our focus will be on the orthodontists who accept Aetna in Spring Texas. Here is a review of some of the best dentists that accept Aetna in Spring Texas;

Orthodontist who accept Aetna in Spring Texas

Dr. Bryn Cooper, DDS, MA, MS

She is a qualified orthodontist from the University of Texas and has a Masters in Orthodontics. Since graduating, Dr. Coper acquired her accreditation by the American Board of Orthodontics. She anticipates networking with fellow orthodontists in Texas area. She lives in Western university area with her family. Out of work, you can find her in restaurants enjoying her free time. She is a very free dentist with high skills of socializing. If you are looking for an orthodontist who accepts Aetna, she is recommended to you.

Dr. Amir Davoody, DDS, MSD

Dr. Amir received his dental education from the University of Maryland, school of dentistry and attained his masters from the University of Connecticut. He has been active in this profession and has served various institutions. He is a hard-working person and is always focused on what he does in an effort to deliver the best possible results. Above all, he accepts Aetna. So, in case you are insured with Aetna and looking for an orthodontist who accepts it, Dr. Amir is there for you. He operates in Houston mainly but has a clinic in Spring which he frequents to.

Dr. Heather T. Brown, DDS

Dr. Brown has a very good reputation in Texas region. She is considered as one of the best orthodontists in Houston and Spring region. Apart from her high achievements professionally, she is a popular social figure in Houston and Spring in particular. She is very skilled in the orthodontic field and clinical in all that she does. She is a wife, a business owner and also a mother and above all, a woman with a helping heart. All this character has enabled her to earn a good reputation and be famous in Texas region. She is very active in her profession, and operates a modern dental clinic which is very well equipped. Besides the high quality services that she offers, she has flexible payment plans and Aetna is part of the plan.

Dr. Vladimir Tabakman, DDS, MS

A very promising doctor and orthodontist with professional experience, Dr. Vladimir earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston. He received his Doctor of Dental surgery degree from the University of Texas. He is good at research and orthodontic works and he is considered as one of the best orthodontists in Texas. He provides one of the best orthodontic services in town. Dr. Tabakman is actively involved in community development. West Houston Orthodontics additionally holds complimentary centers for the schools where he takes part in community development projects and mentors the young guns in Houston. Dr. Tabakman has likewise given various grants to bolster neighborhood group activities and keeps on including more occasions each year. Away from all the community work, Dr. Tabakman remains to be one of the best dentists in the region and needless to mention, he accepts Aetna.

Dr. Gustavo Salas, DDS, MS

Dr. Salas is a humble fellow, who concentrates on all the activities involving orthodontic services. He is aware of all the problems his patients may incur and has a good professional experience to handle them. His region of work is mainly Houston, but he also extends his services to Spring Texas. He is one of the best orthodontists in Texas and he has earned a good reputation because of his charisma and unmatched quality of services that he renders to the locals. If you need an orthodontist who accepts Aetna, Dr. Gustavo Salas, is a perfect recommendation for you.

Vita Dental Spring

This is the best dental facility in Spring Texas and the fact that they accept Aetna confirms the fact that they care a lot about their patients. Besides offering high quality services from one of the best dental facilities in America, they offer flexible payment plans which include Aetna. Give Vita Dental Spring a call today, to understand why they are ranked so highly in the country.