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Orthodontist What to Expect

What should one expect when visiting an orthodontist? With the growth in popularity of orthodontic treatment options and braces in specific, it is only wise and fair to make it known to those who are looking down the path of orthodontic treatment what they expect when they book an appointment with an orthodontist. For starters, who is an orthodontist?


An orthodontist is a dentist specialist whose main aim is to diagnose, treat and prevent any facial and dental irregularities. Their practice in the dental scene is therefore limited to dentofacial treatment and diagnosis using an array of treatment options.

What orthodontists do

To understand what to expect from orthodontists, here is a look at what orthodontists typically do and the problems that the orthodontists have to contend with on a daily basis;

Correcting malocclusions- Malocclusions or a serious dental condition where the upper teeth and lower teeth don’t coincide with one another when the mouth is closed. Either the upper or lower set of teeth are positioned further forward than the opposite set of teeth. This condition is referred to as anteroposterior deviation and if it is not corrected on time, it can be the genesis of far more serious complications which affect both teeth and jaws.

Overcrowding of teeth

The other problem which orthodontists help to correct is the overcrowding of teeth. In the event that teeth are not evenly spaced out, then an orthodontist will be called upon to evenly space the teeth out and realign them properly. If the teeth are not evenly spaced out, it will not only make it very difficult to carry out activities like chewing but will hinder things like proper sprucing of adult teeth.

Misaligned teeth

Orthodontists are also tasked with realigning any misaligned teeth in the mouth and bring some order. Misaligned teeth are the main cause of malocclusions and as we have already seen, they can be the cause of more serious problems. Orthodontists are expected to realign the teeth and prevent serious problems from developing.

Aesthetic dentistry

The other duty of orthodontists is to perform aesthetic dentistry to improve the appearance of both teeth and the facial appeal. Orthodontists are trained in facial growth, biomechanics and the generally dentofacial dynamics. As such, they are able to restructure, realign and modify any dentofacial element to aesthetically improve its appearance and performance.

To even help you understand what to expect from an orthodontist, here is a look at what typically happens when you book an appointment with your orthodontist to get braces for your problematic malocclusion. Here is what to expect from an orthodontist;

What to expect from an orthodontist

The first Appointment

In most cases, the orthodontist may offer a fee for the first orthodontic visit or appointment. The first session normally is for questions and advice. The orthodontist will want to know how exactly you feel and advises you on the possible actions to take before an official treatment process begins. It is therefore recommended for you to take a good time as you look for the right orthodontist.

During the first visit, an oral exam is done to identify the full needs of the patient. Teeth and mouth x-rays may be taken, to give a digital impression of the teeth. Upon completion of the examination process, the orthodontist will explain to the patient what exactly is going on and recommend the most suitable treatment option, just as mentioned earlier. This time is good for you to inquire about all you need to be aware of. You may also choose to talk to the doctor about the practice and the matters that will help you improve your oral hygiene.

Apart from talking, listening to advice and asking questions about your condition, you may also watch a short video on the treatment you will be receiving from the orthodontist. All these acts are to make you comfortable and ensure a smooth procedure during the actual orthodontic treatment. This first visit may take quite some time, thirty minutes-two hours, depending on the number of details or how busy the orthodontist you visited is.

After the initial examination your orthodontist will schedule the date for the actual treatment to give you the braces that you require. You will then be given the braces and the orthodontist will advise you on how to keep the braces in top shape. You will also be required to go back for follow up visits to ensure that the braces put in place are doing their job as desired.

All in all, orthodontists are pretty much like your general dentists and their operation is pretty much the same as that of your physician. You will be expected to keep time, follow instructions and not miss any appointment.

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