Vita Dental Houston Orthodontic is Open on Weekends

How our teeth look and feel has a huge impact on the quality of our life. As a result, it would be advisable to keep them in good condition with regular cleaning and the right nutrition. Besides that, it is also important to have the right dental office by your side.

For over a decade, we have been serving the people of Houston with the best dental service at our offices. Our goal is to ensure that all our esteemed clients live a fulfilled life without having their teeth as an impediment.

We pride ourselves in not only providing dental services but also for providing services that are both reliable and of high quality. The result of our commitment to quality is that we are now one of the most sought after dental groups in Houston.

The Services We Offer

One of the services we offer is general dentistry. In most other dental offices, customers usually have to contend with having to visit many specialists. However, that is not the case when you visit our offices.

All the specialized procedures such as putting porcelain crowns or getting bridges are done in house. They are as easy as getting a standard filling thanks to the number of specialists we have working for us.

Among our services is oral surgery. For instance, if you or your teen has an impactful wisdom tooth, it does not require a referral. Our specialists at the office can handle the procedure with ease.

Additionally, we also offer implants and endodontic. The same doctors that offer general dental care will also conduct these services. It ensures that there is no wastage of time visiting other specialists all over the city.

Dental implants are especially important for patients who lose their teeth. They are vital to assisting individuals to regain their self-confidence in life. We offer personalized options for each patient to ensure a high degree of satisfaction.

One of our most important services is Invisalign treatment. It is a treatment option that works great for both kids and adults. At times, you may feel that you require braces. However, the situation in which you are in does not allow you to wear visible metal braces.

In such an instance, you will require invisible braces. They are low profile, and they work as well as metal braces. In order to find out if you qualify for these braces, you should pay us a consultative visit.

One of the services that have received numerous accolades is our 6-month smile program. The service is designed to restore your teeth in just six months. The service is mostly used by people who need accelerate teeth alignment of the frontal teeth.

We Offer Dental Services for Kids

Our services are not just for adults; children can also benefit from working with us. We offer the full suite of services that a child may require for the best dental care. Additionally, our offices are designed in a way that they are child-friendly.

Our dental care services are available to kids as soon as their first tooth shows up. While it may not be possible to put braces on them, it helps us determine if they will need some in future. Thus, you can begin to plan on how to give them the best medical care.

Visit Us for Cosmetic Surgery

We also have cosmetic surgery available for our clients. One major fear that people have about cosmetic surgery is that it may be too expensive. However, that does not have to be an issue.

We work with you to keep the costs as low as possible. One of the services that we offer as a cosmetic service is veneers. The veneers we use are designed to adhere to the patient’s damaged tooth without causing any discoloration.

We Use High-Quality Equipment

To help us deliver the best services to our customers, we use the latest dental technology. We have invested huge amounts of resources in acquiring the most efficient cutting equipment. When you visit our offices, you will be in awe of the quality of the machines we use.

Whatever service you require, we always have a piece of technological equipment that can make the process much safer and faster. We also have our specialists constantly scouring the market for technology that can help us improve service delivery.

We Work with a Wide Range of Insures                                                                     

Vita Dental works with most of the major insurance providers in the Houston. Thus, it ensures that there is a high chance that you can access our quality services. If you require clarification, simply contact one of the representatives.

We can be reached on any day, including the weekends.Vita Dentist open on Saturday in Katy, Simply visit our website and find our contact information. We will help you discover if you insurer provider is compatible with us.