Top Oral Aliment You Should Ask On Your Dentist Visit?

How do you normally use your dental visits? Besides the cleaning and perhaps treatment, do you take time to discuss with your dentist about various dental ailments? A lot of people think that dental visits are purely about check-ups, cleaning and reporting toothaches. This however is far from the truth because these visits are meant for bonding and discussing in lengths various health ailments and complications that affect you and your family.

Here at Vita Dentist Houston, we always advise our patients to be open when they come in for checkups and discuss with our professional dentists the health issues bothering them. A lot of patients normally don’t know what they can discuss with the dentists and we thought this post would be helpful. Here are 9 oral ailments that you should discuss with your dentist during your visits;

Oral Ailments you Should ask with your Dentist

  1. Bad breath

Sure, it sounds a little shameful and nobody wants to admit that they have bad breath, but bad is a real important issue that you should discuss openly with your dentist. Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria build-up in the mouth. This means that it might be a symptom of accelerating tooth decay. You should therefore not be ashamed of talking about it because hiding it might lead to more calamitous problems such cavities.

  1. Dry Mouth.

A lot of people suffer from this complication and don’t seem to be bothered at all. A lot of people deem dry mouth as a normality even though it is far from it. A dry mouth is normally indicative of lack of enough saliva production in the mouth. Besides the fact that a dry mouth is very uncomfortable, it predisposes dental patients to a host of problems such as cavities and gum disease. Some Anchorage residents experience it because of prescription medications or chronic diseases. Talk to your dentist and explain what exactly you think is the cause of the dry mouth and get help as soon as possible.

  1. Jaw Issues

Jaw complications and pains are the other oral complication that you should discuss with your dentist because they are a real danger to your oral system and overall body health. If you have a clicking jaw or jaw discomfort, then open up to your dentist and let him know whatever it is that is bothering you. There are serious temporomandibular complications which when left untreated for a very long time can lead to disaster. Any pain or discomfort when chewing, swallowing or yawning should be reported.

  1. Unexplained headaches

Well, this might sound a little misplaced in the oral context but headaches are related to the oral system and you should talk to your dentist about them. See, sometimes when you have jaw complications, you exert too much pressure on the jaw muscles and this can cause headaches or pounding pain. Report the same to your dentist before it escalates to a very big complex issue.

  1. Grinding of teeth

Although it is considered involuntary, teeth grinding can be stopped with medication and therapy. Grinding teeth might look harmless but it actually does more harm than good to your teeth. The grinding causes wear and tear to teeth and accelerates the development of cavities because the surfaces of teeth are weak.

  1. Bleeding gums

Do your gums bleed every single time you brush your teeth? Does chewing food trigger bleeding of gums? Well, to most people, bleeding gums are harmless and they should be taken lightly. This however not the right thing to do. If you or any of your family members is experiencing bleeding gums, then report the same to your family dentist for medication. Bleeding gums predispose you to a good number of ailments.

  1. Mouth sores

Mouth sores should also be reported to your dentist. Canker sores are an indication of overlapping teeth or abrasion by braces if you have them. Talk to your dentist about them and let the dentist take a look to determine the exact cause of the sores.

  1. Shaky teeth

Sometimes, we have weak and shaky teeth in our mouths and most people are oblivious to the fact that shaky teeth are a ticking time bomb. Ticking time bomb because if not treated appropriately, the teeth can easily be shed or be broken while chewing. Report any instances of weak or shaky teeth therefore and let your dentist offer the appropriate treatment.

  1. Overcrowded teeth

Do you have overcrowded teeth in your mouth? Well, although they are a natural occurrence, such teeth can be dangerous to your oral health and the situation needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Talk to your dentist and he or she will suggest the best treatment for the same.

Don’t be ashamed of any oral condition that you might be suffering from. You pay your dentist to address all the problems you are facing and you should utilize your funds wisely. Ask with dentist and  Open up today for improved oral health.