Nutritional and Oral Health Recommendations for Children

Nutritional and Oral Health Recommendations for Children

Children are a bundle of joy and it should always be a priority to keep them happy and healthy at all times. One important aspect of their health that has to be keenly monitored is their dental health. Kids love sweet and sugary things. But these are the key ingredients for tooth decay. Getting rid of these may not be entirely effective as sometimes it may be difficult to control what kids consume. It is, therefore, important to know the best practices to ensure that your kid’s health is protected.

Here are some of the recommendations by Vita Dental that will help you keep your kids healthy orally.

Be keen on the foods you buy

You may think that some of the foods you give to your kids are healthy and safe for them while in real sense they are not. It is important to adopt the practice of reading the labels on foods before you buy them for your kids. The labels usually indicate the level of sugar present in the food. The best foods to buy for kids are those that are low on sugar. When it comes to drinks, water is the safest as opposed to all the other beverages that are available.

Teach your kid to brush their teeth

Most of the cases of tooth decay among kids can be avoided if parents ensure that they teach their kids to brush their teeth every day. Now, brushing of teeth may not seem to be a fun thing for kids to do. But you can come up with effective ways to make the activity fun and memorable. You can get them a colorful toothbrush and a flavored toothpaste. You can, also, have them sing to a tune while they brush. Remember to always do the brushing with them so they can always love the moment. Besides, kids love doing what their parent does. Brushing with them will only make them love the activity better.

Fill your house with vegetable and fruits to act as a substitute for snacks

Fruits are generally healthier as compared to other types of snacks. It is better to have more fruits in the house as opposed to candy and crisps. Fruits have more water and less sugar making them healthier. However, you should avoid raisins and bananas as they have concentrated levels of sugar.

Remember to have your kid brush their teeth after consuming the fruit too.

Give your kids whole fruits as opposed to fruit juice

One of the major misconceptions that exist among parents with kids is that they think fruit juice is healthier as compared to other beverages. That may not be entirely true. Fruit juice has been proven to have little or no nutritional benefit to kids. Instead of fruit juice, let your kids have whole fruits instead. They are healthier and safer.

Add cheese to their lunch or have them carry cheese as a snack

Cheese in diet will help trigger the production of saliva to wash away the food particles from the child’s teeth. When packing snacks or lunch for their consumption at school, be keen not to include sticky foods and chewy foods too. These foods may not be washed away easily with the saliva hence increasing the chances of bacteria developing in your kid’s mouth.

Sugary treats should never be served as snacks

Kids love sugary stuff. Therefore, instead of giving your kids the sugary foods as snacks, serve the treats with meals instead. Giving sweets or cake as desserts can work. But again, be keen to ensure that your kid gets to drink a lot of water after the meal and brush their teeth.

Do not put your baby to bed with a bottle of milk, juice or formula

In case your child needs to drink something before bedtime, water is the safest drink to offer them at that time. Milk, soda or any other drink with even the slightest amount of sugar in it may not be safe for the oral health of your kid.

Let your child’s meal contain a lot of calcium

The calcium nutrient is good for the development of strong bones and teeth. Having your child consume foods that have a lot of calcium in them will help them develop teeth that are strong and very healthy. Milk, yoghurt, and broccoli provide good sources of calcium for your kid.

Have regular dental visits

Just as an adult, it is important for your kid to visit the dentist at least by the time they are one year old, or 6 months after their first teeth break. This will ensure that any dental complications that might be developing are noted and prevented before they become serious.

Nutrition and oral health of your kid is almost entirely your responsibility. It is up to you to always have an eye on them ensuring that they consume only the safest foods. Also, it is your role to make sure that they go for dental checkups at least once every year.