What you Need to Know About Dental Surgery?

The thought of getting dental surgery evokes mixed feelings in most people. The thought of getting dental surgery scares many because they envision blood and tooth extractions. Contrary to popular opinion though, dental surgery entails more than just dental extractions and is a complex process with lots of positives. If your dentist or oral surgeon suggests oral surgery therefore, you should not freak out.
So, who needs dental surgery? What are some of the types of dental surgeries available in dentistry today? What should you expect during dental surgery? We had a candid conversation with Vita Dental’s Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS and he provided us with useful insights on dental surgery. Here is all what you need to know about dental surgery

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a broad term used to refer to the process of surgically modifying the dental structure of an individual. Any process therefore that involves artificial modification of teeth, gums or any structure within the dental structure can be referred to as dental surgery.

Dental surgery can be carried out by a number of medical professionals. Depending on the reason behind the surgery, the procedure can be carried out by a general doctor, an oral surgeon or a dentist. They all have various areas of specialization but are trained enough to carry out various dental surgeries.

There are very many types of dental surgeries and each has its own objectives. Here is a look at the most common types of dental surgeries in modern dentistry and their objectives

Types of dental surgeries

Dental implant surgery

This is the most common form of dental surgery in the field today. It is preferred by most dentists because it is not only reconstructive but doubles as a cosmetic procedure as well. Dental implant surgery involves the surgical placement of small titanium posts in the jawbone to act as artificial roots for new teeth.

A small pocket is drilled where there is a missing tooth and then the small titanium pedestal is fitted into that space and tightly held into place with a special resin. An abutment onto which a crown is attached is then fitted onto the implant. The crown or denture is modeled to look exactly like your natural teeth and will blend in nicely.

Implant dentistry has really helped change a lot of lives and has helped replace millions of missing teeth. They last for a very long time and offer the functionality and authenticity of natural teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

The other type of dental surgery that has made inroads in dentistry is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic dental surgery refers to any procedure that is meant to alter the aesthetics of teeth and give them a better outlook.

Cosmetic dental surgery includes procedures like tooth cleaning, veneers, crowns, braces and even use of dentures. In short, any procedure meant to improve the quality and aesthetics of teeth can be referred to as cosmetic dentistry.

Although it is regarded as a luxury by many, cosmetic dentistry is very important in modern day life. It has helped millions of people to achieve the smiles they have been yearning for and improved the quality of life they lead. People who have undergone cosmetic dental surgery end up becoming more self-confident and mingle freely with their peers.

Extraction of damaged teeth

This is the only thing that most people presume to be dental surgery. This is a form of surgery that can be carried out by virtually any medical practitioner because of its ease. Extraction involves the removal of impacted teeth from the mouth. The removed teeth may or may not be replaced depending on the situation.

Teeth which have decayed beyond repair, overcrowded teeth and teeth which grow below the gum line need to be extracted. These teeth affect the way an individual eats, talks and even brushes their teeth. Through extraction, these teeth can be removed and the proper structure of teeth restored.

Corrective jaw surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is a more complicated procedure whose aim is to correct jaw issues. Jaw problems like temporomandibular joint problems and TMD disorders arise from bad dental habits and severe infections on teeth. Left untreated, these complications become very serious and have serious consequences.
Through corrective jaw surgery, an oral surgeon uses special metallic plates to correct the situation and make the upper and lower jaws fit together. Accident victims are the biggest beneficiaries of this type of surgery and it has helped save lots of lives.

Correction of deformities and injuries

The other form of surgery is aimed at correcting deformities and treating injuries to the face and the oral system. This type of surgery is both corrective and cosmetic. It helps rectify deformities to improve the functionality of the relevant structures while improving their physical outlook as well.
People born with deformities, malocclusions and those involved in accidents are the beneficiaries of this type of surgery. Depending on the nature of deformity, the surgery can be carried out by a dental surgeon or even a general surgeon.

What to expect during dental surgery

Irrespective of the type of dental surgery you are in receipt of, the procedure is pretty much the same. It involves the admission of anesthesia and long hours of proper examination and rectifying of situations. The surgery is then proceeded by a long healing process before you can get the full functionality of the dental system.

The next time your dentist or oral surgeon suggests dental surgery, don’t freak out. Surgery is meant to improve your life and alleviate any health risks.

Here at Vita Katy Dentist we understand the importance of dental surgery and offer high quality dental surgery services to our patients. From cosmetic to corrective surgery, we are capable of handling virtually all dental surgeries and will help transform your life. Give us a call today if you are in Houston and we will provide more information on our services. Choose Vita Dental, Choose Quality.