When Do I Need To Pull My Wisdom Tooth?

A huge number of people believe that pulling out their wisdom teeth is necessary. However, not everyone needs to get rid of these molars. A common reason why wisdom teeth are removed early is that they can cause some serious problems later in life. By removing them before they develop fully, you are mitigating the risk.

However, it may not be a necessity at all times. Vitadentalhouston.com will attempt to address when the conditions are optimal for you to get rid of your wisdom teeth.

Understand the Wisdom Teeth

These are the third molars in the mouth. In most cases, they developed later in life when all the other teeth have erupted and settled perfectly in the mouth. They are usually quite huge. It is also important to note that you will not suffer any disadvantage by having these huge back teeth removed.

Reason they May be Removed

Dentists will usually give a good reason why the wisdom teeth should be taken out. Read these reasons to find out if you need yours extracted.

  1. They Do Not Fit

Most people have room in their mouths to accommodate only 28 teeth. As the doctor takes X-rays of your jaws, he can predict whether the wisdom teeth will have room when they grow.

If your doctor determines that you have a small jaw, you should probably have the wisdom teeth taken out. If they are not removed, they will become misaligned in your mouth. Additionally, they could push other teeth out of position destroying your perfect smile.

  1. They Cause You Chronic Pain

Sometimes, the wisdom teeth may grow out perfectly and take their position in the back of your mouth. However, they may become quite painful with time. A dull and unending pain gets worse when you attempt to chew hard food.

The pain may be indicative if the fact that you have an infection. The reason for this is that the partially erupted wisdom teeth will usually cause an accumulation of bacteria and food particles. If this situation is not remedied, it could lead to a serious situation call pericoronitis. Pulling out the wisdom teeth is the only definitive form of treatment.

  1. If Your Wisdom Teeth are Too Misaligned

Sometimes the wisdom teeth can emerge fully without giving you any grief. However, when you check yourself in the mirror, you may notice they are not aligned with other teeth. This misalignment leads to an accumulation of pressures on nearby teeth.

With time, they will slowly shove other teeth out of alignment, which could mean you require wearing expensive braces. Besides that, misaligned wisdom teeth could chip away at nearby teeth, causing you to develop cavities.

  1. When your wisdom Teeth Develop Cysts

Cysts are sacks filled with liquid that usually develops around your wisdom teeth. These cysts can be popped at a dentist’s office with ease. However, cysts can also be quite dangerous. If they go unnoticed, they could destroy nearby bone and tissues.

Besides that, cysts could also lead to the development of tumors. Getting such a tumor removed can be quite expensive. It is best to have the wisdom teeth removed if you notice such cysts developing around them.

  1. When they affect your sinuses

If you are experiencing some issues with your wisdom teeth, it can cause pressure and pain in your sinuses. In such a case, it would be a wise decision to get rid of your wisdom teeth.

  1. When they become impacted

In most instances, the wisdom will grow out as normal. However, they can grow horizontally in some instances. In such a case, they are said to be impacted. An impacted tooth usually grows towards other teeth.

Sometimes, the impacted tooth may not cause any pain to the person it affects. However, that does not mean the tooth should be left in place. It is usually a good idea to have the teeth removed. The reason for this is that impacted teeth usually create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

The bacteria, if left to grow, can cause serious problems such as blood poisoning. Bactria can also attack surrounding tissue, creating the need to remove more than just the wisdom teeth. Such a procedure can be quite expensive.

  1. The Optima Age

There is no right age o have wisdom teeth removed. However, most dentists will recommend that you take them out early if they seem to cause any complications. Young people usually have fewer issues to worry about after such a surgery as their bodies heal quite quickly.

If you are about 40 or above, the doctor will usually recommend that you keep your wisdom teeth if they are not giving you any grief. The reason for this is that older people tend to heal less quickly than the young do. Thus, any surgery, no matter how minor, may have some complications for them.

You should also keep in mind that not everyone develops wisdom teeth. If you do not have these teeth, you do not have to be concerned about anything. They simply never grow in some people.

All the above tips keep in mind when you removing wisdom teeth, In-spite of this anything you need to know about your wisdom teeth .Contact at your Nearest dentist care.