Why AreThere so many Myths and Misconception about Dental Implants?

Although dental implants are extremely effective, they are massively underused as a treatment option. Implant dentistry has a very big potential in changing Americans’ lives but thanks to many myths and misconceptions, it has underachieved in the market.

Lack of sufficient information, cheap televisions ads and online blogs in search of hits are some of the reasons why there are so many myths and misconceptions about dental implants. This misinformation and myths hold back millions from getting dental implants and changing their lives for the better. Here are the top 15 implant dentistry myths that are baseless and which deter you from getting dental implants;

Top 15 Implant Dentistry Myths

Implants are too expensive

The notion that implants are too expensive simply because their initial cost is high, is very wrong. Wrong because implants have a higher initial cost than the other procedures because they last much longer and are therefore worth every single penny.

Dental implant surgery is painful

Implant dentistry is not as brutal as those blogs make you believe. Yes, implants can be a little uncomfortable at first but the procedure itself is painless and you will experience no discomfort at all. This is made possible by the local anesthesia used to get you through the procedure.

Implants don’t look as good as natural teeth

The idea that implants can’t replicate the natural look of teeth is wrong. Implants will not only emulate the natural look of teeth but their functionality as well. That’s how awesome dental implants are!

Implants take too long to heal

Some people believe that dental implants require a lot of time before they can be declared fit for use and this is not true. Yes, after dental implants surgery, one needs a few months to get used to them and the jawbone to adjust to the new ‘foreign’ object in it. This takes anything between 2 months and 4 months but one will be able to continue with their lives as usual.

Implants require high levels of care and maintenance

Implants are not as fragile as people think they are. They require very little maintenance and all it takes is just brushing and flossing your teeth. If anything, you don’t have to worry about nagging cavities, decays and whatnot with implants.

You can’t eat certain foods with implants

A good number of people believe that an individual with braces cannot chew certain types of foods. This is absolutely false because you can literally chew anything you wish with dental implants. Save for the first few days when the implants are still new, you can chew and bite into literally any type of food.

Implants are ideal for a select few

The myth that implants are meant for a select demographic is misleading. While not everyone is eligible for implants, a good number of people can get implants. So long as one is in good health and is missing a tooth, they can get an implant.

Implants have adverse side effects

The misconception that implants have negative side effects has deterred millions from getting them in America. Implants are made from titanium and ceramic which are chemically inert and will therefore not react with the anchoring tissue or bone. They have no known side effects at all.

Implants require sophisticated technology

Implants don’t need any CBCT or guided surgery technology for them to be successfully placed. Unless the dental complication is complex, the implants can be placed without any special technology.

Implant dentistry can be offered by anyone

Whereas any general oral surgeon can place implants surgically, it takes a qualified and experienced dentist to successful place a dental implant and assure you of safety. You should therefore be careful on the individual you entrust to offer the dental implants.

Mini-implants are better than traditional implants

Ever since they debuted in the implant dentistry scene, mini-implants have caused a lot of ripples. They have been made to look like the ideal solution and are far better than the traditional implants. Although there is an element of truth in the above statement, it is important to note than mini implants are meant to be short-term solutions and the traditional implants reign supreme when it comes to longevity.

Children can get dental implants

Dental implants are not ideal for children under the age of 17 because at that age, their jawbone is not fully developed and will not therefore fully anchor the implant. Implants are ideal for adults between the age of 18 and 90 whose jawbones are still intact and can anchor the implants.

Implants last for only a few years

The notion that implants last for just a few years is wrong and misleading. Implants are designed to last as long as possible and can serve you for a lifetime without the need of a replacement so long as you take good care of them.

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