What are the commonly used methods for tooth reshaping in America?

Some of us are lucky enough to be born with almost perfect sets of teeth. Teeth with immaculate shapes and perfectly complement our smiles. Some of us are however not so lucky and are born with teeth that are not as pleasant to look at.

The shape and orientation of someone’s teeth is believed to be affected by the genetic makeup of the individual. Some people however suffer from diseases and accidents that alter the shape and arrangement of their teeth for good. Such people experience difficulties in biting, chewing and even wearing broad smiles because they believe that their smiles are not good enough.

The quality of life of these people is immensely affected and it is no surprise that these people come knocking at dentists’ offices looking for solutions to help improve the shape of their teeth. The big question however, is whether it is possible to change the natural shape of teeth. Is there a way the shape and orientation of teeth can be changed? What are the available options for changing the shape of teeth? If the shape of teeth can be changed, what are the side effects?

If you find that the shape of your teeth doesn’t complement the shape of your face or the teeth look a little awkward, then you can get the shape of your teeth changed or customized to your liking. Thanks to technology and advancement in medical inventions, there are a number of options available that can facilitate the changing of the shape of natural teeth. We talked to DR. Jisoo, DDS and she had the following to say on patients changing the shape of their teeth and the available option.

For whatever reason that you may want the shape of your teeth changed, there are a number of options available for you to choose from. The suitability of the options available depends on the needs of the patient and of course the budget. Here are the most commonly used methods of altering the shape of teeth in America;

Tooth Reshaping Options Are:

Dental Bonding

This is the most commonly used method of changing the shape of teeth and enhancing the look of a patient. In dental bonding, a tooth-colored resin material is permanently bonded to the enamel of the teeth using special adhesives and a curing light. The special resin material is shaped to fit the shape that the patient wants and this method is efficient in filling gaps between teeth, repairing small chips and smoothing worn out or rough edges. Any tooth that cracked or has a missing part, can be accentuated using the bonds and made to fit in with the rest of the teeth. Dental bonding can help alter the shape of teeth for more than ten years because the resin material can withstand lots of pressure without wearing out.

Dental crowns

The other available option that can help alter the shape and orientation of your teeth, is the use of dental crowns. Commonly referred to as caps, the dental crowns are fitted over the existing tooth just like caps. The caps are then permanently cemented onto the teeth using special resin, adhesives and the curing light. The materials used to make the caps varies depending on the choice of the client. The most commonly used materials include gold and porcelain. Gold is very efficient but comes at a higher price than the other materials. Changing the shapes of teeth using caps is much easier and faster than using bonds. The desired shapes can be customized to the liking of the patient and the fitting takes a few hours.


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are meant to shape the front teeth. They can be easily customized because of their thin layer and are not easily visible. They can be colored to match the natural shade of teeth. They are also cheaper than using dental crowns.


The other available option is the use of drills and other dental instruments to reshape and re-contour your teeth to your liking. This is a method that involves smoothing and filing of the edges of protruding teeth or teeth with cracks to give them an even texture and better shape. There is no material added to the teeth here. The available shape of teeth is customized to fit the shape of the surrounding teeth.

All these teeth reshaping options are available here at Katy Dental Care. We use modern technology in our cosmetic surgery and the results are always brilliant. We offer reshaping services at an affordable rate and will always offer professional advice before you can settle on the best option for your teeth. Give us a call or visit our offices today to talk to us on your reshaping needs and we will always have an ideal solution for you.