Least Noticeable Braces Colors

When the decision to finally get braces is reached, there is another issue that normally crops up concerning the colour of braces. As much as the primary function of getting braces is to help align your teeth, you want the whole process to be as seamless and inconvenience free. You want braces that will be quick in correcting your situation and will cause as little inconvenience as possible. One thing that for sure causes unwanted inconvenience is the fact that some braces are too visible and stick out like a sore thumb. You should therefore be careful about the braces color you opt for if you are mindful of keeping a low profile.

Luckily enough, choosing the braces colour is not as complex as a task as many people take it to be. When choosing the right colour of braces, there are a few things you need to take into account. There are very many colours of braces available in the market today and the choice really depends on the patient. professional dentist at Vita Dental offer a range of colours for our clients to choose from. From clear rackets to shiny ivy blue brackets, we have it all here.

The norm normally is that the kids and the young ones tend to opt for the shiny and all glittery braces with fancy colours which they claim complement their living style. The senior members in the society though, tend to fly under the radar and prefer to keep a low profile by opting for the braces colours that are least noticeable. People who work or are professionals in firms and some other students in institutions tend to go for the clear braces and invisalign which aren’t as conspicuous. So, which braces colours are the least noticeable?

When it comes to choosing an unnoticeable colour, there are some few things you have to consider. First of all you have to be weary of the colour the braces will get after a few brushes. Some colours like white- which surprisingly is a preferred option for many- tend to get dirty and can make your teeth look awful with time. Trust me, however white you think your braces are, they can never achieve the milk-like shade of white that teeth have. When choosing a color therefore for your braces, consider looking ahead to see how the colour looks like after it get a little stained. If you are looking for braces that will make your teeth whiter, go for darker and contrasting colours. Blue and purple and green are some of the examples that we normally advise most of the patients here at Vita Dental Houston to give a go and most of them are normally satisfied with the end results. Unless you are wearing ceramic braces and want them to be discrete, it is advisable to choose darker colors for your braces.  Darker colors like red or green look attractive and do not highlight the negative aspects.

The other thing to consider when getting the perfect color for your braces, is how well they complement your appearance. By appearance, we mean the connection between your complexion and the color of braces selected. Just like any other accessory or clothing worn, braces can help complement your skin tone, hair color, eye colors et cetera. People with dark skins for example, would look better in Lilac, Green or Gold braces while light skinned people would be better off in blue, purple or pink braces. The moment you opt for a color that complements your other features, it makes the braces less noticeable.

The other thing to consider when making the selection for braces color is the part of the braces that you want coloured. In most cases, the elastic ligatures around the brackets account for the final colour of the braces. Though some people opt for coloured elastic rubber bands as well, the ligatures are the most standout features and will determine the final colour of the braces. Some people opt for even different arch-wire colours but this will only add to your cost. The standard arch-wire colour is silver and this is almost considered the conventional color among orthodontists. The brackets themselves can also be changed but the other option available mostly is gold which comes at quite a cost.

In the end, it will depend on your skin tone and preference. The best thing to do to ensure that you get a color that is least noticeable, is to talk to your orthodontist first. We at Vita Dental Katy have years of experience and have all it takes to help our patients choose the colours that will not only be less noticeable but will complement their lifestyles. We are also flexible enough to change your colors as you want to suit your needs. Visit our offices or give us a call today to get more information about the affordable and most appropriate colours of braces to opt for.