What to Do on Your Last Day Before Getting a Dental Braces?

The thought of finally getting dental braces can be very exhilarating. The thought of finally getting the devices that will give you a beautiful straight smile that you need to take selfies for Instagram will get you excited and all fired up. Although braces will help you achieve all that, there are some things which you will to do away with once you have braces for them to stay in top shape and perform their designated roles to perfection. These include foods and some other dental habits which you will need to put on hold for the entire period you will be in possession of the braces.

Some foods and drinks have a negative effect on the braces especially metallic braces and you should therefore avoid them at all costs. Brushing your teeth and flossing your teeth also takes a new dimension once you have braces because you will need new specialized equipment to get the job done. You will have to desist from habits such as thumb sucking and grinding your teeth the entire period you have braces lest you risk destroying them. Before getting braces therefore, is wise to eat some of these foods, drink the foods that you are required to desist from just to get it out of your system for a given period of time. These activities might look like normal things to you but unless you have braces, you will never quite understand how it feels to go months without flossing your teeth or drinking soda. The last day before you get braces should therefore be the perfect time to do these things and enjoy them before you get the braces and your freedom curtailed momentarily.

Here are 5 of the things that you should do on the last day before you get braces

Eat the prohibited foods and eat as much as your stomach can hold

As we earlier on mentioned, there are foods which you will be required to desist from once you get the braces. These include seeds, nuts, popcorns, pizza crusts, taffy, beef jerky and many other hard foods. Before getting braces therefore, you should take time and eat some of these foods because you are going to miss them for months. Eat as much as you can and pretty much get them out of your system because you are not going to eat them for the next couple of months.

Brush normally and floss for the last time

Ever imagined that you could end up missing normal brushing and flossing? Well then with Dental braces you might end up missing these otherwise normal activities. Once you have braces, you will need to use special tools and techniques to clean your teeth and ensure that the brace are clean as well. On the last day before you get the braces therefore, it is wise to use your normal brush and floss after eating the aforementioned prohibited foods because you are going to miss that feeling for some few months. You should however not get worked up about the new brushing and flossing technique because before you leave the dentist’s office you will be shown how to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Before the braces get in your way though, enjoy the bristles of your toothbrush for the very last time.

Take a selfies with your teeth without braces

Before you get braces, take selfies showing the arrangement of your teeth before you get the braces. This ‘before’ pictures will be used as references once the braces treatment is over. Once the braces are removed, you will then appreciate how far you have come from by referring to the ‘before’ selfies.

Try and imagine you beautiful smile

Before getting braces, try and see yourself with a straight smile and beautiful pearl white teeth. Try and imagine how your mouth will look once you have the braces. At the end of the treatment process, you will then appreciate how the braces supersede your expectations.

Calm down and enjoy yourself

There is an aspect associated with getting new braces but there really is no reason to get yourself worried and worked up. Just enjoy your last day before getting braces knowing that it will be the last day that you will be in possession of misaligned teeth and malocclusions. Enjoy you day knowing that from there on, your journey towards beautiful smiles begins.

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