Why Katy Vita Dentist is The Best for The Dental Implant?

Dental implants have been in the limelight lately and this largely is due to their efficacy in replacing missing teeth. The big question though is; are they worth all the hype they receive? What makes them that good? If you are struggling with missing teeth, why should you look to get dental implants today?

Here at Vita Dental in Houston, we have offered high quality dental solutions for years and dental implants are our cup of coffee. Actually, dental implants rank highly when it comes to the services that receive the highest number of positive reviews from our clients. This can partly be attributed to our dentists’ dexterity and dental implants’ efficiency as a treatment option. If you are missing a tooth or a set of teeth therefore, there is every reason to opt for dental implants as a replacement and if possible, strive to get them from us here at Vita Dental in Houston. Here are top 15 reasons to get a dental implant at Vita Dental Houston;

Reasons to get a dental implant at Vita Dental Houston

Proven efficiency

Implants have been put to test and they have been proven to be the best replacement for missing teeth. They are far better than dentures or crowns in terms of efficiency.


When looking for an option to replace a missing tooth, you want something that will offer longevity and stand the test of time. This is exactly what you get with a dental implant. Titanium is long lasting and will give back quality time.


Unlike dentures which you will need to remove every time you want to eat, implants are permanently placed in your mouth and at no point will you need to remove them to do anything with your teeth. This is convenient.

No side effects

Dental implants have no known side effects. Titanium and the ceramic materials used to make them are chemically inert and will not react with bone or the other neighboring teeth and what you get therefore is a safe artificial root which will last for ages.

Ideal for everyone

So long as you are healthy and have enough bone, you are eligible to get a dental implant. No one is too old or too young for a dental implant. This is an important aspect because it means that anyone can get these implants when need arises.

Minimum maintenance required

Unlike dentures and bridges which require a lot of care, dental implants require very little levels of care. They ideally are like you natural teeth in every sense and whatever you do to your teeth therefore is the same that you will need to do to your implants.

Why choose Vita Dental for dental implants in Houston?

Certified and licensed

Our institution and dentists are certified and licensed by the relevant dental bodies to operate in the field. You can therefore expect nothing short of professionalism when you entrust us to serve you.

Professional and Experienced dentists

It only takes qualified and experienced dentists to successfully get dental implants into place. This is exactly what you get once you choose Vita Dental to get your dental implants. You are always assured of getting high quality dental implants.

Excellent past record

We have a clean slate as far as dental implants surgery is concerned. Ever since we started offering implants surgery, the results have always been excellent and there has never been a single incident of a botched surgery.

Well-equipped office

Dental implants surgery requires sophisticated and high-end technology and equipment to guarantee success. This is exactly what we have invested in, here at Vita Dental. Getting you dental implants and any other dental service you need will be quick, easy and seamless.

Fair rates

Implants are not the cheapest by any means. Considering the positives they bring along with them though, they are worth every single penny you pay for them. Here at Vita Dental, we appreciate the importance of implants to those that need them and offer them at very competitive rates. Our rates are very fair and you will get full value for what you pay.

Excellent customer service

The other reason why you should choose Vita is because we have a dedicated customer service team who will help you achieve whatever you are looking for. Customer service is often overlooked by other dentists but we value it here at Vita and it is paying dividends.


Judging from the reviews we are getting from our past clients, we are doing excellently as far as dental implants surgery is concerned and you should trust us as well. It is not surprising therefore that a good number of our new clients are referrals.

Choose Vita, Choose Quality

Your dental health is too precious and delicate for you to delegate the duties of watching over it to rogue, unqualified and uncertified dentists. Dental implants surgery require professionals with years of experience and dexterity in the field and this is exactly what you will get at Katy Vita Dentist.