How to Improve Your Overall Health with Regular Cleanings? in Spring Texas

How to Improve Your Overall Health with Regular Cleanings? in Spring Texas

Besides fresh breath, teeth cleanings have numerous health benefits for you. Most people do not know that oral hygiene is directly related to systematic health. In most cases, it can be an early warning of something that is wrong with your body. If your mouth is not cleaned, it can adversely affect your health. Here are a few facts that we at Vita Dental Houston have prepared.

Early Detection of oral cancer

In the US alone, oral cancer kills one person every hour. However, oral cancer can be cured if it is detected early. A regular dental cleaning will ensure that your dentist can detect any signs of illness early. This way, it could help not just to save you a long recovery and extensive treatment process but it could save your life.

Oral health and heart disease

It has become quite common to hear that oral health affects your general health. It is estimated that over 80 percent of Americans have gum disease or periodontal disease that is undiagnosed. Recent data shows that there are two links between poor oral health and the risk of heart disease.

Firstly, a recent study showed that if you have gum disease, you are also at a greater risk of contracting heart disease compared to those with healthy gums. Secondly, it has been shown that oral health can give doctors a warning about a range of illnesses. These include those that affect the heart.

Heart disease and oral health are connected via bacteria and other pathogens found in an unhealthy mouth. The bacteria find their way to your heart. When the bacteria reach the heart, they can cause damaged areas to become inflamed. This can lead to conditions such as infections of the inner linings of the heart. Besides that, it can also lead to clogged arteries, and even stroke due to inflammation.

It prevents gum disease

Gum disease itself is quite a huge problem in the US. If you go for regular teeth cleanings, you will lower the number of bacteria in your mouth. This could help to ensure that you never suffer gum disease. If you have gum disease, one of the risks you suffer is tooth loss.

Besides that, gum disease could lead to horrible breath and the inability to consume certain foods. If you already have a condition such as diabetes, any open wounds usually take quite long to heal. In some cases, it could make it almost impossible for you to utilize your mouth.

What Happens at a dental cleaning?

Now that we understand the link between oral health and general health, how does the cleaning happen? Here is a breakdown of how the dental cleaning will occur. The process is easy, fast, and quite effective.

X-rays and a discussion with the dentist

Before the dental exam starts, the dentist will examine your past dental records. This will help to inform his or her next decision. If you are complaining of pain or sensitivity, he or she will order a new set of x-rays to be taken. After the x-rays, a short discussion will take place on some of the issues that have been identified in the x-rays.

Plaque and tartar removal

Next, the dentist will use various tools to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. During this time, he or she will also check if you have any cavities, decay, or inflammation.

A professional flossing and brushing

After eliminating any tartar and plaque, the dentist uses an advanced brushing tool to polish the teeth. He or she will also use abrasive toothpaste to remove any plaque that may still be stuck on the teeth. After brushing, the teeth are flossed at the point of contact and then they are rinsed using water.


After the cleaning, the teeth are carefully examined. Any issues identified during the cleaning will be examined in detail. The mouth will be examined for signs of dental decay, and the dentist will discuss your teeth with you. The goal is to ensure that you do not leave the dental office with any unanswered question.

The fluoride treatment

Before leaving the dental office, you may be requested to rinse teeth with a fluoride mouthwash. Besides that, a fluoride-laden compound could be painted to the teeth. The fluoride treatment helps to make your enamel stronger. Fluoride interacts with the enamel on a molecular level while at the same time neutralizing acids released by bacteria.

Follow up appointment

When any dental decay has been found, you will be asked to come for a follow-up appointment. This will be used to have all the problems sorted out. The Vita Dental Houston offices have very flexible hours. They will slot you into a time slot that is most convenient for you.


There is a clear link between oral health and your general health. If you have been wondering whether you need a dental cleaning, this short article should convince you.