How to Get Your Child Excited for the Dentist

How to Get Your Child Excited for the Dentist

It is rare to see kids excited to visit the dentist. Those who do, however, are trained to view trips to the dentist as fun and exciting. It is tricky, but it is possible with the proper approach. Vita Dental Spring is a leader in pediatric dentistry and offers these tips on how to get your kids excited for the dentist.

Start Them Off Early

Dental care for kids should begin on the day the first tooth shoots out. Kids become accustomed to their surroundings and routines, and with time trips to the dentist are considered common and even necessary. However, that is not the only reason why dental care should start early.

Kids’ dentures are fragile and easily affected by minor complications. Small complications can lead to problems such as misalignment and even infections. This is why it is necessary to monitor your child’s dental health from a young age. Vita Dental Spring offers pediatric dental care to kids as young as 1-year-old.

Play Dentist!

Kids like playing pretend, and playing dentist would seem epic – they get to dress up and peek at your teeth! It is a lot of fun, and it is also a good way to get your kid excited for dental visits.

If your kid plays dentist and actually likes it, odds are that he/she will be excited to see and feel the real thing. They will want to see the office and an actual dentist at work with all those shiny tools. It may even set them on a career path if they are enthusiastic about it enough.

Don’t Speak Ill of the Dentist

Unsurprisingly, many adults also dread visits to the dentist. It is easy to speak ill of the dentist in the presence of kids, but it is not wise. The kids will adopt your attitude towards the dentist and feel justified to refuse dental visits.

Try to speak positively and excitedly about the dentist. Besides, dentists can be lots of fun – pediatric dentists at Vita Dental Spring are excellent with kids!

Stress the Importance of Dental Care

Dental health is important; there is no doubt about that. However, kids do not know this and many do not care. This is why most kids dismiss dental visits since they fail to see their importance. However, they would have a change of heart if they knew the importance of good dental health.

As such, try to educate your kids about the importance of good dental care. It should start with good dental hygiene and developing a positive attitude towards dentists. Vita Dental Spring has educative and engaging pamphlets about dental health that can help you with this. Their pediatric offices also feature educative materials designed to engage and entertain kids. 

Accompany Them Every Time

Your kids look up to you for everything, including comfort and security. It is natural for them to feel a bit scared of the dentist regardless of all your efforts. However, it helps a lot to have their parents and guardians present during the checkup. As such, it helps to accompany your child into the office and try to help as best as you can – try to encourage your kid and keep him/her engaged to overcome the fear.

Vita Dental Spring has policies that are friendly towards guardians and parents and plenty of office space for all your needs.

Let Them Take their Toys

Toys are more than just toys to kids. Some toys are a source of strength and comfort. They come especially in handy in situations such as these. In fact, some kids will refuse to see the doctor or dentist without their toys. This may seem ridiculous to you, but it is a good way to get your kid excited about the dental visit. As such, let them take their toys and keep them company throughout the checkup as well.

Vita Dental Spring also has friendly policies with this regard. As explained, the pediatric dentists are trained to work with kids.

Choose a Reputable Pediatric Dentist

At the end of the day, your kid’s attitude towards the dentist will be shaped by his/her last experience. Some kids are insensitive towards kids’ special needs and they come off as scary, thus giving kids a bad impression of dentists in general. However, pediatric dentists are trained to work with kids and actually get them excited about dental care.

Vita Dental Spring is the leading dental practice in Spring, Texas. It is particularly reputable for its pediatric dental care as it is exceptionally good with kids. Everything is designed to suit the kids: colorful offices, friendly dentists and nurses, toys, and so much more.


Dental care for kids is important, so it is important to impress this upon your child. Take on a smart approach – get your kid excited about the dentist. After all, Vita Dental Spring is actually a fun dentist space for kids.