How to Find an Emergency Dentist in Katy?

Accidents are bound to happen, whether it’s a slip-fall while showering, a heavy impact when playing sports or simply a badly aching tooth that can’t wait till morning. While it’s necessary to seek immediate help, some injuries can wait until your dentist’s regular opening hours.

At times, the source of the pain is not as obvious as a missing tooth or a tooth with nerve damage. It may be that the pain is from an abscessed tooth for example. When you are not sure about what’s causing the pain, or if it happens to get worse by the hour, then it’s a good idea to contact your dentist.

Ten tips to access the best care after a dental emergency

• Store your tooth in a glass of milk

If you can’t hold the teeth in place before you reach a professional dentist, then handle the tooth using a clean, damp napkin, wash your hands and rinse off any visible dirt from the tooth. Store it in a container of milk for the dentist to see.
In the meantime, gently press a wet compress on the sore gum to stop further bleeding.

• Seek immediate attention

You might risk swallowing bits of your tooth or bleeding excessively, as the trauma may cause injury to nearby nerves. In a dental emergency, don’t risk waiting; or else the situation might worsen. Perform first aid on the inflamed gum tissue or seek immediate help to save the situation.
Urgent dental care helps you prevent any future complications such as difficulty in speaking and chewing, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as a result of chewing on the side with more teeth, a weakening jawbone and a shift of position among the remaining teeth.

• Use a damp cloth or ice to reduce swelling

Trauma to the mouth, teeth or gums is likely to cause swelling of nearby tissues, causing more pain. After you remove any tooth bits from the mouth, dip a napkin in some freezing water and hold it against the cheek for a while.

• Fix the tooth in the socket in the meantime

If you happen to knock out a tooth and notice some nerves or blood around the roots, avoid touching it especially with dirty hands to prevent contamination. Meanwhile, place the tooth back in the socket; try biting it down on a moist gauze or a wet tea bag to soothe the searing pain around the sore gum while you await treatment.

• Ensure you conveniently store your medical records

Although the dentist safely stores the patient information in a database, keeping a backup of important information regarding your family’s dental treatment history and insurance information is important; just in case of anything.

• Renew your insurance cover promptly

Regular and consistent payment of your insurance premiums will cover you anytime you need to visit the dentist on short notice. You will save a lot of cash that you might otherwise spend in upfront costs where your premiums are long overdue.

• Have the emergency dental contact on quick dial

When an emergency strikes, you may be completely clueless about how to take the first steps to ensure you control the bleeding or keep the pain in check. Having your dentist on the quick dial is helpful, as you can have him/her on the other end of the line, while you execute easy-to-follow first aid instructions.

• Teach your kids on how to handle a dental emergency

Kids are the most vulnerable members of your family; who probably know little or nothing about handling an emergency. Take a few minutes of your busy schedule per week to teach them a thing or two; just in case a situation strikes when you’re away working.

• Ensure your healthcare provider offers emergency dental care

It can cost you big to seek medical care from a different dental facility, in case your health provider doesn’t provide such services. Before you settle on any dental practice, ensure your health provider provides emergency dental.

• Have a well-equipped emergency kit

A well-equipped kit should contain essentials such as painkillers, injection drugs that are pre-measured in appropriate amounts in syringes, a quick sugar or energy source among others. Knowing how to use an emergency kit is the best way to show your family that you care for their dental health.

Have you tried Vita Dental?

Inspired by providing quality dental services with passion and utmost care, Vita Dental is a different kind of dental practice. Vita offers same day appointments and flexible work hours including weekends, to take care of walk-in patients, especially those with emergency situations that can’t wait any longer.
Whether you are experiencing a swelling jaw, a persisting toothache or a broken tooth, our doctors will give you a little pain medication and prep you immediately for a quick root canal therapy or a surgical extraction to relieve the pain.
We accept major dental covers, as well as third-party payment plans to ensure you don’t miss out on the crucial treatment. Contact the Vita front office today if you have any questions about how to handle any dental emergency, and we’ll be happy to assist you.