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How do orthodontists tighten braces? Why is it important to tighten braces from time to time? Do braces hurt once they are tightened? Well, we take a look at the process of tightening braces and why it is very important to the entire orthodontic treatment process.

Braces tightening process

Braces work by exerting pressure on a given set of teeth. Over time, the pressure helps to reform the shape of the bone bearing the teeth and this consequently changes the shape of the teeth. As the bone and teeth move however, the braces become loose and the ligatures no longer exert the desired pressure on the teeth.

Without this pressure on the set of teeth which are supposed to moved, the teeth will no longer move and this will stall the entire treatment. It is therefore imperative for an orthodontist to keep tightening the braces to ensure that the treatment is still on course and that the teeth don’t get back to their original positions.

The number of times you will need to visit the orthodontist depends on the severity of your malocclusion. The average patient with braces visits the orthodontist at-least once every month but not every visit is meant for tightening. Some visits are meant to help the orthodontist or orthodontist keep an eye on your teeth and check the progress. You will essentially be required to visit the orthodontist after every 2 or 3 months for tightening and again this depends on the severity of the dental defect you are suffering from. This tightening sessions are the most dreaded. So why are people so scared of tightening sessions? How is the whole process carried out? Is the fear worth it? Here is a look at what happens when your braces are tightened and the results of the tightening;

How orthodontists tighten braces?

The scheduled orthodontic adjustment process is relatively simple and quick which takes no more than half an hour. First, the orthodontist will remove your ligatures with the help of special hooks and remove the rubber bands that hold each bracket to the arch wire. Then, they will also remove the arch wire. At this point, you’ll probably be instructed to brush and floss without the wire in. It is at this point that some people feel like the braces should not even come back into their mouths-it’s quite a refreshing feeling!

The orthodontist will examine how your teeth are progressing and take note of any defects that are persistent and are not responding positively to treatment. You may need a new arch wire, or additional equipment like power chains or elastic. Then, the arch wire is put back onto the brackets. The orthodontist may be required to change the arch-wire or retain the old one depending on how your teeth are at the time.

The orthodontist will also put on new ligatures. This are the things that cause the much dreaded discomfort and pressure to the teeth. Due to the new pressure the ligatures will be exerting on your teeth, they will feel so pressed. The first few adjustment visits will have some discomfort but subsequent ones will be seamless. So, does it hurt much? Should you be worried about the pain? Is there anything you can do to reduce the pains?

Is tightening of braces any painful?

Having your braces adjusted can cause some mild pain and discomfort, since it puts pressure on your teeth. The pressure and mild pain that you will be experiencing will however go away in no time as your teeth move into a new position and the pressure sustained reduces significantly. As one of our chief dentists here at Vita Dental commonly tells most of our patients, the pain and discomfort that most patients complain of is just imaginary and comes from brainwashing. Unless you are injured or are suffering from another dental complication, there should be very little or no pain whenever your braces are adjusted. If at all there is to be any pain, then it should go away within a day or two.

In the event that the pain you are experiencing after getting your braces does not go away, then you should report the same to your orthodontist who will loosen the same up and ease the discomfort.

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