How Implant Retained Dentures in Spring Texas Can Change Your Life

How Implant Retained Dentures in Spring Texas Can Change Your Life

Implant retained dentures is a restorative procedure that can change the way common dentures work. If you have dentures or planning to have them be prepared because your dentures might shift in your mouth or at worst fall as you talk or eat. This can be quite embarrassing especially if you are among guests or in public.

Implant retained dentures can be either bar-retained or ball-retained. Bar-retained dentures have a thin metal bar that has attachments that follows your jaw curve. The bar allows the denture to fit the dental implants attached to your jaw. The ball-retained dentures have ball-shaped attachments that will fit in the sockets in your denture.

The Procedure of Getting Your Implant Retained Dentures

During the treatment process, the dentist will review your dental history and take images of your jaw and mouth. This will help the dentist determine if implant retained dentures are the right treatment option.

If you qualify for the procedure, the dentist will make incisions on your gum tissue on the day of the surgery. Most dentures will need two to four dental implants. The posts will be given time to integrate with your bone maybe two to three months. This process is known as osseointegration and allows the posts to be like natural tooth roots. The implants will stimulate your jawbone so that it retains its structure and strength.

After the osseointegration process is successful, you will have abutments attached to your implants and these will be the connector pieces to your dentures. The dentures snap onto the implants using clasps or another retaining device. The palate, in this case, can be removed to improve the taste and texture of your food.

The other option is to use a metal bar that locks the implants together. This distributes chewing and biting forces among the teeth. This will require four rather than two implants and might cost you more. However, the stability is better and you will be able to eat most of your favorite foods including candy, tough steak among other foods. Most of the acrylic palate can also be removed in the upper denture which will improve the texture and taste of the food you eat.

Benefits of Having the Implant Retained Dentures

In addition to allowing you to chew on favorite foods without the fear of your denture falling. Implant retained dentures have other advantages. Below we look at the huge difference the implant-retained dentures can make in your life compared to the traditional dentures.

  • Stable just like natural teeth

Traditional dentures are held in place by denture adhesive or natural sanction. However, implant retained dentures are secured in place by dental implants that are anchored with your jawbone. The result is a strong bite just like that provided by your natural teeth. Traditional denture wearers often abstain from hard foods such as meat and apples as they are afraid of their dentures falling off as they eat. Further, the dentures can fall off as you talk or laugh. However, with an implant-retained denture, you will be able to bite on any food you want without the fear of your denture slipping off, as it will be retained securely in place.

  • Stimulates bone growth

Traditional dentures are a preferred method of tooth replacement but they do not replace the roots of your tooth. However, an implant-retained denture has an implant that replaces the lost tooth. This stimulates bone growth and prevents further bone loss or resorption where unused bones move to other body parts. They also prevent the breakdown of soft tissues in your mouth that can be caused by ill-fitting traditional dentures.

  • Preserves your facial features

Tooth loss can cause your facial features to change. The lack of tooth roots means that facial bones are no longer stimulated.  Additionally, your gums change since there is no more blood flow to them. This causes them to start changing shape. However, when implant retained dentures are used your face will still experience atrophy and this will keep the overall shape of your face.

  • Improved dental hygiene

If you have traditional dentures you know you need to constantly maintain them for them to last. You will need to remove them and rinse them in cold water every night. Ensuring they are moist allows them to retain their shape.

Permanent implant retained dentures are securely held in your mouth and you have to schedule a dental appointment for the dentist to remove them ensuring they are still in perfect shape and do not need to be replaced. This gives you a professional view of how your dentures are doing. Additionally, this saves you effort and time maintaining your dentures at home.

  • Restores your confidence

Implant retained dentures fit securely and comfortably. You can laugh, speak, and eat comfortably without the fear that your dentures will come off. Even in public, you will not be in fear that your dentures will embarrass you. Additionally, the preserved facial appearance will ensure you are still beautiful or handsome as you were before the tooth loss.

At Vita Dental, we offer retained implant dentures. The difference between traditional dentures and the retained implant dentures is like night and day. Not only will you enjoy eating your favorite food but also this procedure will restore your smile and confidence.