How Emergency Dentistry Protects Your Long Term Health

How Emergency Dentistry Protects Your Long Term Health

Most of us work hard to ensure that we maintain great oral health and as such ensure that our teeth and gums are always in excellent condition and health. This involves practicing good oral health practices such as regular brushing and flossing as well as regular visits to the dentist for checkups among many other practices that are highlighted and covered in detail over at by the subject matter experts over there. However, no matter how hard we try to ensure we maintain good oral health, dental emergencies, just like other medical emergencies, arrive out of the blue and without warning. You may suffer a knock or an accident and have a tooth knocked out or you may develop an unexplained severe toothache and you find yourself in need of emergency dental attention. This is where emergency dentistry services step in as they come in handy for such situations when you need to receive immediate dental attention and can’t wait to book an appointment with your dentist. This article will look to highlight what emergency dentistry is all about and how it can help protect your long term health.

The first thing we are going to look at as far as emergency dentistry is before we go on any further is what exactly a dental emergency entails. As is covered in detail over at, dental emergencies involves situations with severe pain and swelling as far as our mouths, teeth and gums are concerned. Cases of lost teeth for instance is a dental emergency and should always lead to one seeking emergency dentistry services. Other instances that require one to seek emergency dentistry services include cases where one is experiencing severe pain in the mouth or severe toothache, severe swelling or redness in the mouth as well as cases involving broken or damaged dental work such as bridges, especially after an accident. It is also important to note some of the dental issues that, although they require to be addressed quickly, they are not dental emergencies and this include cases of minor toothache, cavities, tooth sensitivity among others. Emergency dentistry services will include diagnostic exams such as X-rays that will enable the dentist to establish the extent of the damage and come up with the appropriate course of treatment and plot the path on how to proceed.

Another thing we should highlight before expounding on how emergency dentistry protects your long term health is on the services offered as far as emergency dentistry is concerned. Over at, which is one of the best place to head to, if not the best, for emergency dentistry services, they provide such services like replacing of teeth that have been knocked out, replacing damaged or broken dental structures such as bridges and crowns, performing emergency tooth extractions as well as root canals, repairing dentures as well as providing relief from pain and infection. These are some of the services you can expect to get as far as emergency dentistry is concerned over and above the diagnostic tests you will undergo when you present with dental emergencies.

The reason why emergency dentistry protects your long term health is because it can help from suffering more serious damage or from the worsening of your already bad oral health conditions. For example, if you suffer a knock or accident and get a tooth knocked out, if you don’t seek emergency dentistry services and decide to stay with your tooth missing, over time you are likely to suffer from jaw shrinkage and collapse. This will occur as a result of your jaw redistributing the minerals that make your jawbone dense and strong; this is the sort of long term health repercussions emergency dentistry looks to shield folks against as per the subject matter experts over at This is not the only long term health problem missing teeth can lead to as if you lose a tooth or more and decide against seeking emergency dentistry services, all you do is increase your chances of suffering from tooth slippage where an adjacent tooth may slip out. You are also likely to suffer from additional tooth loss which is yet another long term health problem emergency dentistry helps protect one from. Missing teeth also increase one’s chances of getting gum disease and infection another thing I’m sure one would rather avoid. Gum infections, remember, may lead to periodontitis, which is a serious condition that may lead to tooth loss, halitosis and chronic pain which are other long term health problems you would rather avoid. Studies have also found that there is a direct link between advanced gum disease and serious conditions such as cardiac arrest, stroke, dementia, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, hypertension as well as kidney and liver failure. Seeking emergency dental services when you need them will however help shield you from these conditions and as such help protect your long term health.

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