Where Should I go for Tooth Extraction Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

Who should you contact when you need a tooth extraction? It should be the last resort but sometimes tooth extraction is the only option left and it becomes inevitable. When it gets to this point, most people are in a quagmire because they don’t know who they should call. Should you ring an oral surgeon or call your dentist? A lot of people end up calling their dentists but is it really the right choice?

Tooth extraction is a pretty simple procedure on paper. I mean all that is needed is to pull out the tooth and make sure that no remnants are left behind, right? Well, although this is what most people believe, there is more to tooth extractions than just pulling them out. It is a procedure that requires a lot of expertise and experience to successfully carry out and come the moment, you want to be in the hands of someone who is best suited for the operation.

Some tooth extractions are very complicated and require nothing but experience to carry out. Entangled or multiple curved roots, overly large sinuses, bone infections and cracked teeth can be very complicated when it comes to extractions and it will take the best hands to successfully pull them out. Cracked teeth especially are very difficult to deal with because they are likely to fracture further during the procedure and if the person extracting is not careful, remnants will remain behind and cause further problems. So, who should you contact, a dentist or an oral surgeon?

Dentist versus oral surgeon for tooth extraction

If residency and area of specialization is anything to go by, then oral surgeons are the best placed people to conduct tooth extractions. They are best placed for this operations because tooth extractions is a routine part of their practice and they perform thousands of extractions during their residency. This however does not mean that dentists can’t competently perform extractions. Easy and straight forward extractions can be conducted by dentists but they have anywhere near the level of expertise that oral surgeons have in tooth extraction.

The edge that oral surgeons have over dentists when it comes to tooth extractions can actually mean the difference between a botched procedure and successful extraction of a tooth.  Even the easiest of extractions can quickly become complicated and put the integrity of your oral system in jeopardy. During extraction, teeth can easily break off if the dentist exerts too much force, some of the bone may be affected, tissue torn or the sinus exposed. All it takes is just slight misjudgment and tragedy will strike.

The other reason why oral surgeons have an upper hand when it comes to extractions, is the fact that they are trained to diagnose problems and identify any potential infection better than dentists. Take nothing away from dentists though, they are able to identify a fair share of infections but their level of experience is not anywhere near oral surgeons’ giving the latter an upper hand.

Besides, in case there is a mishap, the oral surgeon will have the skills and tools ready to correct the complication. Your dentist on the hand will need to refer you to the nearest oral surgeon in case of a complication for it to be addressed. This is tedious and you might be exposing yourself to infections and other complications which are really not worth it.

Anesthesia is the reason why you should opt for an oral surgeon the next time you need your tooth extracted. Oral surgeons are trained and licensed in IV Sedation and General Anesthesia. They are certified in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well and these are qualifications that dentists don’t necessarily have.

Don’t underestimate your dentist though

Oral surgeons’ superiority when it comes to tooth extractions doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard your dentist. Dentist are trained to help extract teeth on condition that the teeth are not fractured or have entangled roots. Here at Vita Dental for example, we have extracted thousands of teeth and so far, we have not had any incident. This goes to show that dentists in their own right can competently extract teeth only that oral surgeons are better placed in case of a complication during the procedure.

If you are in Houston and are looking to get your tooth or teeth extracted, then give us a call here at Vita Dental Houston for the best diagnosis and referral to the best oral surgeons. We will check your tooth out to ascertain that you truly require extraction and if it is something we can do, we will gladly be of service. If we deem the procedure too complex, we will refer you to the best oral surgeons with whom we work on a regular basis for the best possible results. Choose Vita Family Dentist in Katy and stay safe always.