Getting Braces: What You Need to Know

Braces contribute to the alignment of teeth in a workable way that reduces the stress placed on teeth. The end result of using braces is straightened teeth which gives confidence and also ensures an individual gets to have the perfect smile. Braces are both cosmetic and functional since they can alter the orientation of the teeth to perfect the bite and rectify malocclusion and at the same time align the teeth to have a perfect shape for the perfect smile. Before getting braces, there are factors that you have to keep in mind including the type of braces you are going for and your budget for the treatment.

Types of braces

The consultation meeting with your orthodontist should enlighten you on the type of braces that will work for you depending on the extent of the remedy being traced. An orthodontist is best placed to explain the types of braces and the impact they will have on the teeth.

  • Lingual braces

These can work for you if you wish to have invisible braces that still deliver on the alignment goal. Though they may cause some injury, they get comfortable over time. These are more expensive than both metal and ceramic braces.

Invisalign are perfect as they are nearly invisible and also removable which provides flexibility. They are the costliest and are effective when you are only addressing minor issues in alignment of your teeth.

  • Metal braces

Metal braces are widely used especially by children and they are the traditional type which utilizes brackets, wires and elastic bands.

  • Damon braces

These are the latest in the line of workable braces and have a change in tact as they use a slide system instead of the elastic mechanism to connect the arch wires. They also cause les friction, pressure and are less painful.

Things to do before fitting

Several aspects have to be addressed before the braces are fitted as they contribute to the effectiveness of the braces. An orthodontist should create the impressions of the current orientation of the teeth and the expected results after the treatment. The impressions provide a path of action on which an orthodontist will make the necessary adjustments with the aim of achieving the target which is for you to have a perfect set of teeth. Once the impressions have been made, the teeth have to be polished to ensure the braces are able to effectively alter their position in relation to the available spaces between the teeth. Scheduling an appointment with a professional cleaner is important as you can rest assured that they will be able to remove all the particles and ensure your teeth are plaque free. Doing this a few days prior to fitting the braces is advisable.

Living with the braces

Depending on the type of braces, the procedures that an orthodontist will take varies. With metal braces, an orthodontist has to clean the teeth and apply bonding glue which holds the brackets after which the arch wires are placed and secured with the elastic bands which is what aligns the teeth. Depending on the position of the brackets and the challenge of alignment, the discomfort may vary.

  • If the brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth which is mainly how braces for kids are fitted, the discomfort that is experienced is mainly characterized with sores.
  • When the brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth, the discomfort manifests in sores to the tongue due to unfamiliar movement and irritation.
  • If the braces constitute metal bands that go around the teeth, the main discomfort experienced is the irritation to the teeth and some pain which is only experienced in the early days.

What to watch out for

Braces only work effectively if you aid in establishing a working formula around them. Once braces have been fitted:

  • The initial days should see you consume soft foods like soup, bananas, pasta, mashed potatoes and the likes to give your teeth the time to adjust to the new orientation and pressure being placed on them.
  • You should avoid acidic drinks as they cause decay and may even lead to the development of cavities. Sticky food should also be avoided since the particles may be caught in the braces which will lead to them releasing their acidic compounds which cause tooth decay. It also becomes hard to clean the braces when sticky food particles have entered the spaces.
  • If the pain persists, you can use orthodontist wax to relieve the pain or better yet target over-the-counter painkillers to manage the pain and ensure the sores do not hurt as much.

Braces are responsible for correcting bites and straightening the teeth and also have aesthetic value in that they ensure individuals get to cosmetically alter their dental outlook and achieve a better smile a factor typical with models and celebrities in the limelight.

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