How To Get Someone to Brush Their Teeth?

Refreshing and simple as brushing of teeth is, some people just can’t take time out to brush their teeth. Such people require constant pestering and reminding for them to pick up a brush and brush their teeth which comes as a surprise to many. Getting someone to brush their own teeth isn’t something that they honestly should be reminded but unfortunately some people highly disregard dental hygiene and require you to push them to brush their teeth. So, what makes people dread brushing their teeth so much? How do you convince someone to brush their teeth?

Why do people dread brushing their teeth?

It all starts from childhood. If someone didn’t embrace the idea of regularly brushing their teeth when he/she was young, he/she is likely to carry over that habit into adulthood. This is why it is imperative to teach young children to embrace dental hygiene and fall in love with brushing their teeth and flossing on a regular basis. Adults who don’t like the idea of brushing their teeth on a regular basis normally have difficulties socializing with their peers because their teeth are not only stained but have a very strong odor.

If you know someone, who doesn’t love brushing their teeth and wish to help them, it is not too late to step in and help them turn a new leaf. Use these 6 tips and strategies to help convince them and change their perspective on brushing teeth. Here are the 6 tips on how to get someone to brush their teeth;

How to get someone to brush their teeth

Explain the risks of not brushing teeth

Lack of dental hygiene comes with its fair share of health risks and you should let your friend or relative know of these risks. From dental decay to bad odor, explain to them that they risk losing their teeth and sure enough you will see a change in their ways. Lack of regular brushing leads to accumulation of food particles in teeth and these turn to tartar which is the leading cause of dental decay. Go online and equip yourself with information for you to efficiently pass the message to your friend and you will change his/her thinking.

Be honest about their odor

One strategy that always works is telling your friends or relatives who don’t particularly love brushing that they have a very bad breath and you can’t stand having conversations with them. This is something that will get anyone to brush their teeth instantly. Even if their odor is not as bad, exaggerate is a little bit just to make it look like they are walking skunks. Irrespective of your relationship, be frank enough to face them and tell them about their odor and don’t beat around the bush. You will helped them a great deal.


Face your loved ones about their unsightly teeth and you will see a turnaround in their lives. Nobody wants to hear that they are not looking good or that they have bad looking teeth. Use this strategy to try and get your friends to start embracing brushing teeth. Show them how much of a difference brushing of teeth can result in and use your own teeth as an example.

Be the perfect example

Besides explaining the importance of brushing teeth to your loved ones, be the perfect example and brush on a regular basis. You can’t ask some to brush their teeth when you don’t embrace the idea of brushing daily yourself. Don’t preach water and take wine!

Be consistent

It takes time before someone can totally change their ways and start embracing the idea of brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Hold the conversation multiple times and your efforts will bear fruits in the end. Commend them whenever they brush their teeth and give them compliments and the positive energy will reinforce the new habit.

Seek professional help

If you can’t competently get the job done, then look your Family dentist’s way to get the help. Sometimes friends won’t listen to you however much you insist. If you have tried the above mentioned ways and they are not helping, then make an appointment and visit your dentist with them. Dentists provide an objective and professional opinion which has been found to resonate well with such characters. Dentists have more information at their disposal and driving the point home will be very easy.

If you know a friend or a relative who doesn’t love brushing their teeth and you reckon they need help changing their ways, look no further than Vita Dental’s way to get them the help they need. Our team of experienced dentists have the skills and information to convince your stubborn friends. We have all the resources required together with special infographics and we will help them fall in love with brushing teeth in a flash. Choose Katy Family Dentist for the best dental services in Houston!