How to Get Braces Off Quickly?

The thought of walking around with a foreign wire and brackets in your mouth can be scary to many. Even though braces help us all achieve straight beautiful smiles, they can be a great bother in life and it is only wise to try and get them off as soon as one can. A lot of our patients ask us on how they can get their braces off faster and the answer is normally simple- follow the instructions of the dentist!

By following the instructions of the dentist we mean using these 11 professional tips to ensure that their teeth are straightened quickly and losing the braces. Here are 11 Professional tips for how to get my braces off Faster which we believe will help you lose your braces quickly and get a beautiful smile;

Keep your braces clean and maintain a fastidious oral hygiene

Always ensure that your braces are in top shape every time by cleaning and maintaining them. The first step towards achieving this is by learning how to clean your teeth with the braces. Use a toothbrush with very soft bristles and brush thoroughly in between the brackets to get rid of any food remnants stuck between the brackets.

Drink lots and lots of water

Hydration is not only important for the general body health but drinking lots of water will help flush down any food particles on the surface of the braces rendering them clean. Instead of drinking coffee or alcohol therefore, increase your water intake and your braces will be removed within no time.

Floss daily after meals

The other important thing that will help speed the recovery process is by ensuring that you floss daily after every meal. Foods accumulating in between the brackets after meals block the braces and hinder proper teeth movement. Flossing will also help you prevent the development of diseases and complications which will only slow down the recovery process.

 Watch what you eat 

The best way to ensure that the dental braces accomplish their designated task on time is by watching your diet and what you eat. Stick to the diet and guidelines given to you by the dentists once you got the braces.

Avoid carbonated drinks and sodas

One of the common drinks that you will be required to desist from once you have braces are sodas and other carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can damage not just your teeth but will affect your braces. Damaged teeth will not move as required or will take up unwanted positions which only make the situation worse than it originally was.

Avoid gooey and sticky foods

If you are a funny of gooey and sticky foods, you will need to find something else to eat once you have braces because sticky foods affect the performance of braces. They stick to the brackets and prevent the braces from properly functioning. Avoid foods such as chocolate candy, gummies, toffee and any food that requires constant chewing. Constant chewing strains the braces and exerts pressure on the wires causing them to bend.

Avoid hard foods or chop them down

Crunchy and hard foods are dangerous to the braces as they can break the brackets or bend the wires affecting the functionality of the braces in general. If you must eat any of the hard foods, chops them into small pieces which you can easily chew or bite into without using too much force.

Don’t disregard the elastics

Elastics can be very difficult to keep on at times because they make the braces feel tighter than they actually are. They are put there for a reason and will speed up the recovery process. Ensure that you keep them on therefore even at night and you will experience the difference yourself. Always make sure you have replacements and if you don’t talk to your dentist to get replacements as soon as you can.

Consider accelerated treatment

AcceleDent is one such technique used to accelerate the healing process of braces. Here, dentists give you a special mouthpiece which you wear around your existing braces or aligners for about half an hour per day and using special miscropulse technology, the teeth are moved into place more quickly.

Don’t miss a single appointment with your dentist

This is a more straight forward technique but it works miracles always. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis means that your dentist will always have an eye on proceedings and in case of anything, they will rectify the same immediately. Never miss a single appointment and you will reap the fruits by getting rid of your braces even faster.

Avoid coffee, alcohol and smoking

The above mentioned things stain braces and make them dirty. Smoking and alcohol have been found to compromise the integrity of braces thanks to chemical reactions with the wires. Just avoid these things and your braces will be more effective.

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