How to Get My Braces Off Faster in Houston?

Although braces are vital when it comes to straightening teeth and achieving beautiful smiles, they can be a great bother and will affect the way you live your life. This is why a lot of people do everything within their might to try and get them off as soon as they can. Although this is the case, you want to get the braces off after they have accomplished their designated task and have helped you achieve straight looking teeth. While there are no magic fixes that will make your teeth move faster, there are a good number of things to you can do to accelerate the movement of teeth and ensure that the braces come off at the earliest possible time.

10 Tips for Getting Braces Off Faster

  1. Watch your diet

The best way to ensure that the braces accomplish their designated task on time is by watching your diet and what you eat. Stick to the diet and guidelines given to you by the dentists once you got the braces.

Avoid carbonated drinks and sodas

One of the common drinks that you will be required to desist from once you have braces are sodas and other carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can damage not just your teeth but will affect your braces. Damaged teeth will not move as required or will take up unwanted positions which only make the situation worse than it originally was.

Don’t eat sticky foods

If you are a funny of gooey and sticky foods, you will need to find something else to eat once you have braces because sticky foods affect the performance of braces. They stick to the brackets and prevent the braces from properly functioning. Avoid foods such as chocolate candy, gummies, toffee and any food that requires constant chewing. Constant chewing strains the braces and exerts pressure on the wires causing them to bend.

Avoid hard foods or chop them down

When you have braces and want them off as soon as possible, it is imperative to avoid hard and crunchy foods as they are detrimental to braces. Foods such as apples, meat, sugarcane and anything that requires you to bite into it should be avoided or chopped down into smaller pieces before you can chew them.

  1. Maintain your braces and keep them clean

Always ensure that your braces are in top shape every time by cleaning and maintaining them. The first step towards achieving this is by learning how to clean your teeth with the braces. Use a toothbrush with very soft bristles and brush thoroughly in between the brackets to get rid of any food remnants stuck between the brackets.

Consider using an electric toothbrush

If you want the best possible results as far as cleaning teeth and braces is concerned, then invest in a quality electric toothbrush as it applies consistent brushing to your braces and gets rid of most of the dirt lodged between the brackets.

Floss daily after meals

The other important thing that will help speed the recovery process is by ensuring that you floss daily after every meal. Foods accumulating in between the brackets after meals block the braces and hinder proper teeth movement. Flossing will also help you prevent the development of diseases and complications which will only slow down the recovery process.

Keep your elastics on

If your dentist provided elastic bands to help with the proper teeth alignment, then make sure that you keep them on at all times. Elastics can be very difficult to keep on at times because they make the braces feel tighter than they actually are. They are put there for a reason and will speed up the recovery process. Ensure that you keep them on therefore even at night and you will experience the difference yourself.

Attend all the appointments with your dentist

Want quicker and more effective results with braces? Well then don’t miss any appointment with your orthodontist. Missing appointments means that you will miss out on important procedures aimed at accelerating the entire process. Processes such as tightening of the wires and adjusting the Dental braces are meant to speed up the recovery process and missing out on appointments means that you will be increasing the amount of time you spend with the braces.

Consider accelerated treatment

There are some methods aimed at speeding the entire orthodontic process. Such methods are designed to help your teeth move along faster with the braces. These include AcceleDent and special bands used in various dental offices.

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