How to Find Great Local Dentist that accepts Your Insurance?

Finding a good local dentist near you that accepts your insurance can be a very difficult task especially if you are new in an area. It is especially very difficult to find a good dentist that offers all the services you need and accepts your insurance. So, where should you look when looking for a good dentist? What are some of the good places to find recommendations?

If you are new in an area and are wondering where to find a good family dentist that accepts your insurance, then here are 8 tips that will help land a dentist quickly and establish a connection. These 8 tips on how to find a good local dentist that accepts your insurance include tips on how to locate good dentists and some of the things to look out for when looking for the ideal dentist.

Here are the 8 tips on how to find a good local dentist that accepts your insurance-

Use your insurance company’s website

Each insurance company normally lists a number of dental offices and other medical service providers that accept their insurance. They will provide additional contact and address on the service providers and this is what you should take advantage of when looking a new dentist. Talk to your insurance broker in your area and they will gladly recommend you to a good dentist.

Use social media

Social media pages are the other means that you can use to find a good local dentist. Post on various groups asking for suggestions and trust me Americans will direct you to a good quality family dentist. Remember to include your insurance when searching for a dentist as this makes it easier.

Ring your former dentist

It takes one to know another they say and if your former dentist was caring enough, trust me they will recommend a good dentist close to your new residence. Dentists have their own forums and connections and it will only take a few calls before your dentist can help you get a good quality dentist that accepts your dental care insurance. The beauty of using your former dentist to locate a new one is that medical information and important data on your dental health will not be lost and can be easily shared.

Google and read through websites

Almost all dental offices have websites nowadays and using Geo-location services, you can easily find a dentist near you. Check out their websites to see the type of services they offer and then proceed to give them a call to inquire about insurance.

Seek recommendations from friends and family

If you have friends and family members that live in that area, talk to them about your search and they will be of great help. If their own dentists accept your particular insurance, then they should be the ideal candidates. Call your friends and family and they will help you locate a good family dentist that accepts your insurance.

Knock on some doors

Sometimes calling and getting recommendations is not enough in your quest to find the right candidate for a family dentist. You’ve got to take time out and actually knock on some doors to see for yourself the exact situation. Personally going to these offices and talking to the dentists is effective because you get to check out the state of the facilities and interact with the potential candidates.

Use Google maps

Yes! Crazy as it sounds, Google Maps will help you locate a highly rated dental office near you. If Google Maps can help you locate a gas station, a movie theater or a restaurant, what makes you think that it will not lead you to the best dentist near you? The only disadvantage of using Google Maps is that it will not provide any information on insurance but will have the dentist’s address and website through which you can check the insurance.

Use your employer’s human resource department

If you are new in an area and are finding it hard to find a dentist that accepts your medical insurance, then talk to your human resource department at work and you will get vital information and possible leads that will help you get a dentist that accepts your insurance. Most companies will have a list of dentists and other medical service providers that accept the company’s medical insurance coverage.

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