How I Can Find a New Dentist After Moving?

When moving homes especially across the country, we always get caught up in the flurry of packing, saying goodbye to our friends, changing addresses and many other things that we end up forgetting a very important aspect of life- switching healthcare professionals. When moving houses, the last thing on most people’s minds is the idea of getting a new dentist in their new location.

This should however be prioritized because finding a new dentist on time will not only give you enough leeway to interact with the dentist and get to know him/her well but will save you the agony of having to look for a dentist when the emergency strikes. When moving homes therefore, make sure that switching your medical providers is one of your priorities.

The problem that arises for most people though, is the fact that they have to start the whole process all over again. Having been used to their previous dentist, making the transition to a totally new dentist can be quite the task. To make the transition as smooth as possible, you need to be careful about the type of dentist you hire. To help you find the best dentist after moving, we have provided the following guide with insights on what to look out for when choosing a new dentist in your location. Here are 5 tips to help you find a new dentist after moving;

Ask for leads from your former dentist

Through associations and forums, dentists are able to know one another even if they live miles apart. Chances are high therefore that your former dentist will have leads on the best dentists in the new area that you are moving to and he/she will gladly recommend to you the best dentists they can find in that area. The good thing about getting a referral from your own dentist is the fact that dental records and any other vital information will be shared quickly and more effectively between the two. This makes the transition quicker and easier. If the dentist doesn’t have direct links, he/she can give you leads and tips on how to choose a good dentist for your family because they understand your needs. Never move without notifying your dentist. They hold a lot of vital and critical information about you and your family that you will need in your new location.

ADA certification

If you are hunting for a dentist on your own, then make sure you look for someone with ADA certification. ADA certification proves that one abides by the code of conduct and professional ethics of dentists. A trustworthy dentist needs to be certified by the ADA and have the required legal permits and licenses to operate in the said area.

Schedule a meeting

Once you have met with a potential new dentist, don’t commit to becoming a new patient before you can take time out and interact with him/her. Ask him/her to show you around their office and explain some of the common procedures, talk to you about dental insurance, and answer any questions you might have about policies and protocols. This initial consult goes a long way in quelling any concerns you might have about switching dentists, as well as giving you a feel for whether or not a particular dentist is the right fit for you and your family. Schedule consults with two or three dentists and you can choose the one who you feel is best.

Dig deeper to find out more about the dentist

The internet is a very good tool to use when finding a new dentist. If you have had a few consultations and have a few people in mind, take time out to Google the names of the dentists and read patients’ reviews of the same dentist. You ideally want a dentist with a clean record and has non bad history with clients. Once you are satisfied that the new dentist is up to the task, then you can think about the way forward.

Consult your family members and close friends

Friends and family will always have very good recommendations on dentists in a new area. If you have a friends in a the new area that you are moving into, then ask them for leads and referrals and you will end up landing a very good dentist for you and your family. Once you have found one, then make sure that you talk to all your family members on the same and even plan a consultation meeting with all of them for them to get used to the new dentist.

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