Emergency Dental Lost Filling Treatment Katy Texas

Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Emergency Dental Lost Filling

If you have a cavity, you may have to get a dental filling to fill the it. After the part of the tooth that has been affected by tooth decay is cleaned, the cavity is then filled by a dental filling. Dental fillings help not only to prevent further tooth decay, but to also even out the surface of the tooth. You may also get a dental filling if you have teeth that are broken, cracked or worn out; with the highly regarded https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ being the best place to visit in Katy Texas for dental fillings. Fillings, however, once in place, can fall out or can be lost due to a number of reasons. It may be as a result of a knock to the mouth, either when playing sports or any other scenario, or it may happen when you are eating. No matter how it happens, a lost filling should always be replaced and as such the first thing you should do in such a situation is head over to your dentist as soon as you can. A lost dental filling is considered a dental emergency and this article will look to highlight what you should do in that situation, how you will be treated when you head over to your dentist as well as how to prevent such a situation from occurring.

The reason why a lost filling is considered an emergency is due to the fact that this situation exposes the interior structure of the affected tooth, making it extremely vulnerable to damage. This also allows space for bacteria to get into the affected tooth, and may lead to one suffering from decay or even an infection. The subject matter experts over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas are of the opinion that you should get the lost filling replaced as soon as you can, as if not, you may need to have a root canal procedure done, or even have the tooth extracted if it is unable to be saved. When you lose a filling, you should try and have the space temporarily filled as you wait for your dentist to see you. You can use a small piece of sugar-free chewing gum, which you can insert in the cavity. Make sure the chewing gum is sugar-free. Another alternative is using temporary cement. It is recommended that you buy this over-the-counter and ensure it is part of your emergency dental kit for when you ever lose a filling. Temporarily filling the affected tooth will help protect it as you await to see your dentist.

Once you get over to your dentist, your dentist will look to attend to you straight away, especially if you are experiencing pain to go with your lost filling. The first thing your dentist will do is a physical exam of your teeth, and especially of the affected tooth, as well as ask you how you may have suffered the lost filling and any symptoms you are experiencing. Once the physical exam is done, your dentist will perform a dental x-ray so as to give them a more detailed view of the affected tooth. The results of the x-ray exam will be key in determining the mode of treatment you will receive as far as your lost filling is concerned. This is because, your dentist will be able to tell if the affected tooth can be restored with another filling or not. If it can be able to be restored with another dental filling, your dentist will let you know of the various filling material available and help you choose the right one for you based on your situation, with the excellent https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas providing you with all the latest modern filling material for the best results possible and for healthier teeth. If you have suffered more severe damage and it is not possible for the affected tooth to be restored by another filling, your dentist will discuss the best option out there for you as well as referring you to a specialist if necessary. These other treatment options include getting a root canal procedure done in cases where the lost filling exposed a nerve or a deep cavity or getting a dental crown. If the loss of your filling was so severe that your tooth can’t be saved, then your dentist will recommend that it is extracted; a procedure that they can do themselves or refer you to an oral surgeon in more complex cases.

There are a number of things you can do as far as prevention is concerned. One of them is ensuring you visit your dentist regularly as per the gurus over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas. This will ensure that your dentist is on top of your filling and will be able to detect any potential issues that may be lurking and therefore have such issues solved early enough. Your dentist will also give you instructions on oral hygiene practices that will help you to properly take care of your dental filling as well as prescribing custom mouth guards if you play sports. Given that dental fillings don’t last forever, regular visits to your dentist is the only way to ensure that you stay ahead of things and replace those fillings that need replacing before things get out of hand.

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