Emergency Dental Broken Tooth Katy Texas

Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Emergency Dental Broken Tooth

Enamel, the outer covering of our teeth, is the hardest tissue in the human body. This means that our teeth are remarkably very strong, and in most cases can be able to withstand severe pressure or impact. However, as strong as they are, they have their breaking point and as such can get chipped, cracked or broken in certain scenarios. When you suffer a broken tooth, it puts the affected tooth at significantly high risk for infection or even extraction and lose of the tooth. We all know that the loss of permanent teeth should always be treated as a dental emergency as these don’t grow back like primary teeth in children. As such, if you suffer a broken tooth, you should always take the situation seriously, as there is a chance you could lose the tooth if you don’t get treatment as soon as you can. There are a number of reasons why one can suffer a broken tooth. One of the main causes is biting down on something hard such as hard foods like hard candies, ice among others. You can also suffer a broken tooth as a result of trauma to the mouth or face either through activities such as playing sports or getting into fights among others. Severe tooth decay may also weaken your teeth making them vulnerable to breaks among other causes. This article, with the help of the gurus over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas, will look to go into a bit of detail as far as emergency cases of broken teeth are concerned, including treatment and prevention.

The first thing to note here is that you cannot treat a broken or cracked tooth at home and if you suffer such an injury, you should head over to your dentist as soon as possible to be attended to, with the excellent https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ being the best place to head to in Katy Texas. Until you get to your dentist, there are a number of things you should do. The first one is to ensure you rinse your mouth well with warm water. Ensure that you use warm water and not hot water as the latter will lead to you suffering pain. If you are experiencing bleeding, you should apply pressure with a piece of gauze for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops; a tea bag with pressure can also work as an alternative. To reduce swelling and help with the pain, apply a cold pack to the cheek or lips over the area with the broken tooth. If you can locate the broken piece of the tooth, you should clean it well and save it in a plastic bag with warm water, milk or some of your saliva and take it to your dentist with you. If you are unable to see your dentist for one reason or the other, you should head over to an emergency room near you.

As far as treatment for your broken tooth is concerned, it will depend on the type and severity of your broken tooth. The first thing your dentist will do is clean the tooth and ensure no debris is left behind. They will also look to provide emergency pain relief if you are experiencing severe pain. Your dentist will then look to carry out a thorough examination of the affected tooth, including the use of dental x-rays so as to ascertain the severity of the situation. There are different types of tooth breaks and fractures and they include minor cracks, deep cracks, serious or complete breaks, split tooth, split root, decay-induced breaks among others, and the x-ray results will reveal which one you have suffered. Treatment will depend on the type of break you have suffered and may include getting a dental filling for minor cracks on the tooth surface or dental crowns if you have suffered a broken cusp, a split tooth, a broken tooth or a severe crack. Sometimes the break extends to the pulp of the tooth, or you may have suffered a decay-induced break of your tooth. In such a situation, you may require a root canal to clean and remove the damaged nerve or decayed matter, before a crown is placed on the tooth. Sometimes the broken tooth can’t be saved, especially in cases where the break or crack extends below the gum line. In such a case, the affected tooth will have to be extracted. After the tooth is extracted, you should discuss the various options available to you a far as tooth replacement is concerned. All of these treatment options are available for the people of Katy Texas over at the excellent https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/.

While a broken tooth can’t be treated at home, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you prevent such an injury form occurring. One of them is ensuring that you don’t bite down or chew down on hard material form foods such as candies to ice, metals, opening bottle caps with your mouth and so forth. You should also ensure that you practice good oral hygiene practices so as to avoid tooth decay and consequently, decay-induced breaks. The gurus over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Spring Texas also recommend that you visit them and have custom-made mouth guards fitted for you if you take part in sports, especially contact sports, so as to help protect your teeth in case of an accident or a knock to the face or mouth.

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