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Dentist Near Me Katy Texas: Emergency Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are one of those dental conditions that most of us would rather hear about rather than experience. An abscess is a collection of pus, and as such a dental abscess is when pus collects in the inner tooth and the surrounding structures such as the gums. Pus is the term used to refer to a thick fluid, usually white in color, which contains dead tissue, bacteria and other germs as well as white blood cells. An abscess usually results from a bacterial infection and as such if you are showing signs of a dental abscess, then you should head over to your dentist to be attended to as soon as possible, with the best place for the folks of Katy Texas to head to in such a situation being over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/. It is important to have the abscess be treated as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse, which could lead to one losing the affected tooth. Other than the threat of losing a tooth, complications due to an abscess can be quite serious and even potentially life-threatening, which just goes to show why you should always take an abscess seriously. This article will look to provide more information as far as dental abscesses are concerned from the different types, the symptoms as well as treatment and prevention.

We are going to start by taking a look at the symptoms of a dental abscess. Common symptoms of a dental abscess include dental pain or toothache which in most cases is severe, throbbing pain. You may also experience swelling and tenderness of your gums as well as the swelling of your face, especially on the skin on your face that is above the abscess. The skin in that area of your face may not only become swollen but also inflamed, tender and red. Speaking of tenderness, you may also notice that the affected tooth is tender when you touch it, and may even become loose due to the abscess. Other signs of an abscess include a fever, a bad taste and/or bad odor in your mouth, swelling of lymph nodes under your neck or jaw among others. As far as types of dental abscess are concerned, there are two main types: a periodontal abscess and a periapical abscess. A periodontal abscess, as per the gurus over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas, starts in the periodontium and other teeth support structures and is usually as a result of a complication of gum disease or also as a complication of injury to the periodontium or the gums. It is also known as an abscess to the gum or a gum boil as it causes swelling on the gum tissue next to the tooth. On the other hand, a periapical abscess starts in the center of the tooth, or the pulp of the tooth and usually develops as a complication of tooth decay, although they may also develop when the nerve in the tooth dies for one reason or the other, like say due to injury. Periapical abscesses are the more common of the two types of dental abscesses and is also known as an abscess of the tooth.

Next up we are going to look at what treatment entails as far as emergency dental abscess is concerned. After a physical exam and taking of dental x-rays to establish the presence and extent of the abscess as well as where it is located, the first step in its treatment is usually the draining of the abscess. To do this, your dentist will lance the abscess if it is located on the gums or drill a hole in the tooth to allow the pus to escape. Your dentist may then prescribe an antibiotic if the infection is not contained, although in most cases this is not necessary once the abscess has been drained. After the draining, any further treatment will depend on the type of abscess you have. If you have a periapical abscess, then you will undergo a root canal treatment procedure which will allow for the cleaning out of the dead pulp tissue as well as removal of pus, with the tooth then filled with a filling. A root canal procedure has to be done so that to remove the dead pulp tissue and prevent the abscess and infection from returning. If you have a periodontal abscess, once the pus has been drained, further treatment involves cleaning out of the pocket where the abscess had formed as well as smoothing out of the tooth root surface to encourage gum to close back on the surface of the tooth and remove any pockets for an abscess to form again. In cases of severe infection, especially when dealing with a periapical abscess, the tooth may have to be extracted. All this treatment options are available for the folks of Katy Texas over at the excellent https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/.

As far as prevention is concerned, given in most cases abscess form as a result of complications due to gum disease or tooth decay, prevention is mostly possible through good oral hygiene practices. As per the gurus over at https://vitadentalhous.wpengine.com/ in Katy Texas, this involves brushing and flossing regularly as well as regular visits to your dentist for dental checkups. If you smoke, you should consider quitting as this will definitely improve your oral health.

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