Eating Without Teeth or Dentures – What You Need to Know

Life with missing teeth is a bore to say the least. I mean you can’t smile freely before people, can’t properly utter some words and your self-confidence is dealt a very big blow. Of all the detriments of missing teeth though, complications eating are the worst and will have far reaching consequences on your health.

Eating with missing teeth or without replacement dentures might seem easy and one might get used to it over time but it is riskier than one can imagine. Before you think about eating your next meal without some teeth,

here are 7 health risks eating without Missing Teeth that you should consider;

Gum diseases

Trying to chew food using your bare gums can lead to infections and gum diseases. Teeth are designed to easily bite into food and they generate far more pounds of force than gums. Actually the bite force of natural teeth is about 250 pounds while that of dentures is just below 100 pounds. Although dentures might seem less powerful than natural teeth, they are far much better than trying to chew using your bare gums. Chewing with gums is painful and the abrasion will lead to bleeding gums and expose your gums to infections.

Temporomandibular joint problems

Temporomandibular joint problems are more serious than gum diseases because they are untreatable and will affect the functionality of your jaws. TMJ complications are as a result of too much pressure on the gums. With missing teeth, the pressure is unevenly distributed and this increases the chances of TMJ complications developing.

Bone resorption

Eating food without dentures or with missing teeth will result in bone resorption which is the weakening and recession of the jawbone. The jawbone as we know, is always in a constant state of flux and it chances relative to the pressure exerted on it from teeth or dentures. Without teeth or dentures, there will be no pressure on certain areas of the jawbone or the pressure will be unevenly distributed. This reduced pressure results in weakening of the jawbone and it becomes more prone to fractures.

Lack of enough saliva production

Saliva is very important in the entire digestion process because it helps lubricate the food for easier movement down the digestive tract. It also contains amylase which helps in the digestion of starch in the mouth. The salivary glands are normally activated by proper chewing of food in the mouth-something which you can’t achieve if you are missing teeth.

Gastrointestinal complications

Digestion normally begins in the mouth and chewing of food kick-starts the entire process. For digestion to occur properly, food has to be properly masticated and broken down into smaller pieces hence increasing the surface area for enzyme action. Without proper mastication, enzyme action is impeded and food is not properly broken down resulting to incomplete digestion. The nutrients which are not properly broken down are therefore not utilized by the body and are instead used by bacteria in the colon. This leads to bacterial growths and flatulence. A single missing teeth in the mouth therefore can wreak havoc in the entire digestive system.

Risk losing other teeth as well

The other real danger that you are in when you try to eat without teeth is the fact that you risk losing other teeth. The more you chew hard foods especially using your bare gums, the more weakened the jawbone becomes and this can easily affect the functionality of other teeth. Over time, the other teeth will become loose and will be shed one after another.

Improper enzyme production

The other consequence of missing teeth in the mouth when eating is that your digestive system will not properly produce the required enzyme necessary for the breakdown of food Chewing stimulates the taste receptors in the mouth which in turn send a message to the stomach and other lower parts of the digestive system to start producing acids and enzymes needed for proper digestion. If the chewing process it impaired in any way therefore, there will be a shortage of the needed enzymes and proper digestion will not take place.

Don’t pay the ultimate price

You don’t have to pay the ultimate price of missing teeth because there are very many viable options in modern dentistry which will replace your missing teeth. Options such as implants, mini implants, dentures and bridges are available and will mimic both the aesthetics and functionality of natural teeth.

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