Do I need to replace a Missing Tooth? – 10 Facts

Missing a tooth is a very common thing. There are many reasons why one would lose their tooth and that can happen to anyone. The next question that often follows is whether or not replacing the lost tooth is actually necessary. While most people might consider tooth replacement to be for aesthetic reasons, there are several other reasons why a replacement is good for your overall health and well-being. Here are 10 facts about the need to replace your missing tooth, as outlaid by family Vita Dental spring.

1. Replacing your lost tooth will boost your appearance

Appearance is one of the major concerns when one has a missing tooth. Losing a tooth will lower your attractiveness in the sense that your jawbone will begin to shrink which will, in turn, cause your lips to shrink and your cheeks and face to sink. The teeth actually play a great role in determining how you look. Having your missing tooth replaced will prevent bone loss and its resulting consequences.

2. Tooth replacement will fully restore your oral functions when eating

The teeth play a very important role in ensuring that food is broken down into smaller pieces that are easy to swallow and digest. According to a study done on teeth, every missing tooth accounts for a 10% loss in one’s ability to chew food. The decreased chewing capacity may lead to digestion problem. Having the missing tooth replaced means that you fully gain your capacity to chew food.

3. A tooth gap weakens the other neighboring teeth

In addition to the support provided by the jawbone, all teeth provide support to each other. When there is a tooth gap, the neighboring teeth are left unsupported and, with time, they get to weaken due to being subjected to more stress. With time, their state deteriorates.

4. The health of your jawbone and gums

All parts of the body are meant to perform specific functions and the gums and the jawbone are meant to provide support for your teeth. With a missing tooth, the jawbone and the gums in that area don’t get stimulated enough to perform the function they are meant to perform. Without the stimulation, they eventually begin to shrink and the gums begin to recede. This impacts the overall health of your gums and jawbone negatively.

5. Replacing a missing tooth will restore your speech

If you happen to know anyone with a missing tooth, or if you have a missing tooth, you will notice that your speech before and after the loss is very different. This is because the teeth have a role to play in determining how you speak and missing even a single tooth, especially the front tooth, will completely alter your speech. Having your tooth replaced will get you back to speaking normally.

6. Tooth replacement has a positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence

As stated earlier, people care a lot about how they look. Losing a tooth changes your look and makes you look older than you are. This makes you lose your self-esteem and confidence since you will start feeling like you are getting a bit older. You could prevent getting to this stage by having your missing tooth replaced. This way you can have a guarantee that you look good and your confidence and self-esteem will be high.

7. Getting a tooth replacement alleviates jaw and facial pain and headaches

Having a missing tooth automatically means that your dental bite changes. The change in dental bite increases the chances of you developing jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, and upper neck pain. Getting a tooth replacement will help you avert such complications and suffering.

8. Replacing a missing tooth will help improve your airway

As unbelievable as it may sound, having a tooth gap actually affects how you breathe. A lost tooth leads to one having a collapsed airway which leads to breathing impairment. When you get your missing tooth replaced, you will be preventing the collapse of your airway and hence improve your breathing in general. This, in turn, leads to the improvement of your overall health.

9. A tooth gap may cause your other teeth to grow awkwardly

One’s set of teeth have a unique orientation and their growth is dependent on the support of each other. The support of the other neighboring teeth helps other teeth grow in a straight and natural orientation. With a missing tooth, the neighboring tooth doesn’t get the support they require to grow in their correct orientation. With time they will start growing awkwardly. Having a missing tooth replaced will ensure that your teeth maintain their correct orientation as they grow. This will contribute greatly to your beautiful appearance.

10. Keep gum infections and tooth decay away

Another important reason that should drive you to brush your teeth is the fact that you will protect yourself from getting gum infection. A missing tooth creates a gap that is perfect for bacteria growth and other forms of infection. Replacing the tooth means that this space is covered hence providing no ground for infection-causing organisms that trigger gum and teeth infection to settle.